Hello!  And welcome to Kali’s page for Stargate Fanfiction!  ^_^  I hope you enjoy your time here!  Let’s get the legal issues and warnings out of the way to start, shall we?

*BLANKET DISCLAIMER: Kali & muses do not own Stargate, its characters, its images, etc.  We just borrow them for the sake of our enjoyment as fans and admirers of the series and use them shamelessly for the fanfiction contained herein.  We also make no profit – unless you count joy and fangirling all over it as ‘profit.’

*WARNINGS: The fanfiction posted here will likely contain many adult themes and situations, ranging from language to graphic sexual content to violence.  Each fic will contain its own warnings specific to that fic, also, but consider this a general reminder that this kind of thing is likely to appear and if any of this is offensive to you or if you are underage, please refrain from reading – or do so at your own riskI take no responsibility for the actions of others when you’ve been duly warned!

So!  On to the fics!  Happy reading!


The Fics:

Veritas – An SGA/NCIS crossover fic; When NCIS Dir. Jenny Sheppard dies, Lt. Col. John Sheppard is recalled from Atlantis to investigate the connection to the Stargate programme.  McShep, Gibbs/Jenny, Jack/Daniel, Tony/Ziva main pairings.

Infinitas – An SG1 fic.  Their lives continue to be, in the universe’s way, without end. Their paths may diverge, but they’ll always cross once more somewhere down the road – if Jack has anything to say about it. -Post season 10, pre “Ark of Truth”  Jack/Daniel main pairing.

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    • I plan on it, however I write in fandom cycles so when I’ll get back to it, I can’t say. I’ve got a lot of pies on my plate, so to speak. 🙂 Thanks for inquiring!

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