Screen Gems

Space Wall 10Welcome!  Here readers will find gems from the screen – little jewels from my glittering collection of favourite television series (excepting Stargate – it gets its own category) and the occasional movie.  Allow me to make those legal types happy first:

*BLANKET DISCLAIMER: Kali & muses do not own any series, characters, images, etc., herein.  We just borrow them for the sake of our enjoyment as fans and admirers of the series and use them shamelessly for the fanfiction contained herein.  We also make no profit – unless you count joy and fangirling all over it as ‘profit.’

*WARNINGS: The fanfiction posted here will likely contain many adult themes and situations, ranging from language to graphic sexual content to violence.  Each fic will contain its own warnings specific to that fic, also, but consider this a general reminder that this kind of thing is likely to appear and if any of this is offensive to you or if you are underage, please refrain from reading – or do so at your own riskI take no responsibility for the actions of others when you’ve been duly warned!

*ABOUT BETA-ING:  Most, if not all, the fics listed have not been beta-ed.  When I first wrote them and posted them on fanfiction sites, I did not have anyone to beta things for me.  It is highly likely that you (and I) will find typos and whatnot, so please try to ignore them.  So unless credit for a beta is given at the beginning of a fic, assume it is not beta-ed, please!

So!  On to the fics!  Happy reading!  And please feel free to leave your comments, questions, reviews, critiques, whatever you like!  ^_^  FYI – spam, flames, and offensive commentary will not be allowed so please try to exert some maturity and control.


Current WIPs (not yet posted):
**Word counts are what is typed, not written, in most cases…

Untitled Dark Angel project 1.0 – (Pairing: Max/Alec) No real summary available – it’s mostly a straight up ‘Max should be with Alec and not Logan’ cliché fic.  *shrug*  **Word Count: 49,000/?????

Untitled Dark Angel project 2.0 – (Pairing: Max/Alec) For two years Max and Logan had a complicated romance that the PTB are determined to keep them from achieving.  Then Max breaks it off, to protect Logan from herself, involving a reluctant Alec to do so, and soon she realizes it wasn’t about screwing with her happiness but preventing her from making a huge mistake.  A special delivery arrives and with it newfound clarity.  **Word Count: 30,000/?????

Untitled Alias project – (Pairing: Sark/Sydney) No summary available.  **Word Count: 6,000/?????

Untitled Harry Potter project 1.0 – (Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, et al.)  No summary available.  **Word Count: 55,000/????? <– FIC IS ON HOLD PENDING AUTHOR INTEREST

Untitled Harry Potter project 2.0 – (Pairings: Harry/Hermoine, Neville/Luna, et al.)  There are immutable and hallowed rules to magic that were forgotten and abused, crimes against Magic itself, and Magic has withdrawn from the world.  Harry, Hermione, and a few companions must go back and try to set things right – for the good of all things magical.  **Word Count: 23,000/?????

Untitled Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus X Kane Chronicles project 1.0 – (Pairings: Percy/Annabeth/Nico, Jason/Piper, Hazel/Frank, Carter/Zia, Sophie/Walt-Anubis, et al.) Crossover fic.  No Summary Available.  **Word Count: 6,100/?????

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