Rogue Heart

Beware!  Here there be dragons…and giant space guns, and other awesome sci-fi/fantasy worlds that Kali has dived into in the gaming industry (mostly lands ‘o Bioware, as they own my soul…), and written copious amounts of fic.

DAO Wall 03

In case you were wondering about the page title, it’s a song from the Dragon Age II OST, and it sums up what my characters in such games typically end up being – Paragons who have a rogue heart, willing to defy the rules, conventions, and sometimes probability just to do the right thing – in life and in love.  Legal stuff:

*BLANKET DISCLAIMER: Kali & muses do not own any of the series, characters, images, etc. herein.  We just borrow them for the sake of our enjoyment as fans and admirers of the series and use them shamelessly for the fanfiction contained herein.  We also make no profit – unless you count joy and fangirling all over it as ‘profit.’

*WARNINGS: The fanfiction posted here will likely contain many adult themes and situations, ranging from language to graphic sexual content to violence.  Each fic will contain its own warnings specific to that fic, also, but consider this a general reminder that this kind of thing is likely to appear and if any of this is offensive to you or if you are underage, please refrain from reading – or do so at your own riskI take no responsibility for the actions of others when you’ve been duly warned!

*ABOUT BETA-ING:  Most, if not all, the fics listed have not been beta-ed.  It is highly likely that you (and I) will find typos and whatnot, so please try to ignore them.  So unless credit for a beta is given at the beginning of a fic, assume it is not beta-ed, please!

So!  On to the fics!


Current WIPs (not yet posted):
**Word counts are what is typed, not written, in most cases…

Untitled Dragon Age: Origins project 1.0 – (Pairings: f!Amell/Alistair, maybe Amell/Alistair/Zevran – undecided) No summary available; it’s a novelization of the games, Origins through Awakening.  **Word Count: 37,000/?????

Untitled Dragon Age II project 1.0 – (Pairing: m!Hawke/Anders) No summary available; set after events of DA II, tying into the untitled DAO project listed above.  **Word Count: 12,000/?????

Untitled Dragon Age: Inquisition project 1.0 – (Pairings: f!Amell/Alistair/Zevran, m!Hawke/Anders, Merrill/Carver, f!Inquisitor/Cullen, et. al)  Starts post-main story, pre-Trespasser DLC – continues from other DA untitled projects listed above;  The Dragon Age continues in Thedas.  Corypheus is defeated, the Mage/Templar war is over, but there’s no rest for the wicked…  New threats on the horizon for all our heroes and their companions.  **Word Count: 34,000/????? – will likely need to be updated in future with release of DA:3 or whatever they eventually call it

Untitled Mass Effect project 1.0 – (Pairings: f!Shepard/Kaiden, Garrus/Tali, Joker/EDI, et al.)  The Collectors destroyed much more than her ship, changing everything.  Two and a half years later, and she’s destroyed the Collectors, but the Reapers are coming and there are more than just the battles of war that must be won before not only the Reapers can be defeated but also for two fragile human hearts to come back together again in what could soon be the galaxy’s end of days.  **Word Count: 40,500/?????

Untitled Mass Effect project 2.0 – (Pairings: f!Shepard/Kaiden, Garrus/Tali, Joker/EDI, et al.)  Her life has been death.  In death, she was given life.  She chose destruction to bring forth creation.  The future they would build would be of and for themselves, organic and synthetic, individually, together.  She might never see if her faith and hope were heeded and rewarded, but the truth was they only had right now.  To build their life, to live it.  **Word Count: 49,000/?????

Untitled Mass Effect/Sentinel project 1.0 – (Pairings: f!Shepard/Kaiden, Garrus/Tali, Joker/EDI, et al.)  ME if it occurred within a universe imagined by Author Keira Marcos (and used with her permission) based on the Sentinel tv series.  Cross-over/AU sort of thing.  **Word Count: 46,000/?????

Untitled Mass Effect: Andromeda project 1.0 – (Pairings: f!Ryder/Reyes Videl, m!Ryder/Cora Harper, et. al)  Post-game story with a f!Ryder Pathfinder.  No summary available.  **Word Count: 20,000/??????

Untitled Mass Effect: Andromeda project 2.0 – (Pairings: m!Ryder/Cora Harper, f!Ryder/Reyes Videl, et. al)  Post-game story with a m!Ryder Pathfinder.  No summary available.  **Word Count: 10,000/??????

Untitled Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim project 1.0 – (Pairing: f!Dovahkiin/Dragonborn:Brynjolf)  She wants the life she chose, rather than the one that chose her, and the love of the one man in Skyrim who wanted nothing more from her than her skills as a thief.  **Word Count: 25,000/?????

Untitled Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim project 2.0 – (Pairing: pre-f!Dovahkiin/Dragonborn:Brynjolf)  No summary available; I started writing Skyrim project 1.0 and decided I really was going to have to do the whole backstory thing, so I guess this one’s a prequel to 1.0.  @_@  **Word Count: 14,000/?????

Untitled Final Fantasy XV project 1.0 – (Pairing: Noctis/Lunafreya)  No summary available;  Basically I wanted a happy-ending and didn’t get it in the game so… I do what every fanfic writer does – write my own.  **Word Count: 15,000/?????

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      Play by post? I’m not sure what you mean. I play DA, yes, and I will post…eventually. Real life happens, after all. lol And I’m currently in Mass Effect mode (I go through fandoms in cycles) so it’ll probably be a while – though DA: Inquisition comes out in October so after that I’ll likely be back in DA mode. @_@

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