Chapter 12

Kali Notes:  In response to an email I received about the last chapter, I know I don’t have to cater to the masses about picky little details, but it’s part of my personality to pay attention to such things, and I especially do so because I intend to be published someday, and while the fans don’t necessarily care, the publishers do.  Besides which, it’s the details that really make a story more than just a five minute blurb.  I consider my fanfiction writing to be practice and a way to improve myself as a writer.  Thank you for the email, however, because I appreciate the response and concern!


Chapter 12

            Thursday was a rare occasion where I played a gig during the day.  The band and I were only one of many playing as the live entertainment at a festival, but it was still a great opportunity to be heard and an honour to be invited to perform anyway.

            I hung out with Taichi, Sora, Izzy, my brother, Hikari, and Miyako in between our performances.  They were the only ones out of the group that were able to make it that day.  Daisuke and Ken were visiting their families before they left for camp, Iori promised his grandfather that he’d help out with his kendo students that day, Joe was working, and Mimi was out sick with a nasty cold.

            At one point that afternoon, I was checking out the booths with Sora and Takeru (while the others had gone ahead to find food and a nice quiet spot to eat it) when someone unexpected bumped into me by accident.

            “Oh!  I’m very sorry.  I’m a klutz…” she began apologizing immediately before she even looked to see who she’d bumped into.  I recognized her immediately.

            It was Lily, the psychic fortune-teller from the amusement park.

            “Oh!  It’s you!”  she exclaimed, apparently recognizing me in return.  “Hello again, Ishida Yamato.”

            I smiled, stuffing my hands in my pockets.  “Hi, Lily.  Wasn’t expecting to run into you.”

            “Literally.  How’s life?”

            “Not to bad.  You?”

            “Bored, actually.  I’m here with my sister and a gaggle of her friends as their ‘escort.’”  Lily rolled her eyes.

            A cough behind me reminded me of my brother and Sora.  “Oh, this is Takenouchi Sora, and my brother, Takeru.”

            “Hey.”  Takeru grinned at her, looking up at me curiously.  “I remember.  Lily, right?”

            “That’s me.  Good to see you again.”  She grinned back at him, and gave a small head bow of greeting to Sora.

            “Sora, this is Lily.”  Takeru finished the introduction before I could.  Sora smiled and returned the head-bow.

            “Nice to meet you, Lily.”

            Lily tilted her head, nodding after a moment.  “Ah. Another Chosen.”

            Sora blinked in surprise.  I heard Takeru explain where we’d met Lily before quietly to Sora and I nodded to Lily to confirm her statement – which, I might add, didn’t make me believe her claims to psychic ability any more than before.  It would be easy for anyone to assume any friends I hung out with were Chosen, after all.

            “There’s a few of us around.”  I added.

            “That’s right.  I saw the posters earlier that listed the musical talent playing today.  I should have realized I’d probably run into you.”  Lily shrugged her shoulders.  “In between sets?”

            “Yeah.  We only have one left, though.”

            Lily gave me an apologetic smile and pointed upward at the sky.  “Maybe.  It’s going to storm tonight, though even my talents aren’t good enough to accurately predict the exact ‘when’ of the weather.”

            I looked up and groaned.  She was right.  Those clouds were looking decidedly threatening.  And now that she mentioned it, I could smell it in the air.

            “Damn.  Well, at least we got to play most of our scheduled sets today.”  I sighed.  Before anyone could say anything further, the distinct sound of three D-Terminals signaling the arrival of a text-message caught our attention.

            “Must be Hikari.”  Takeru pulled his out first, Sora and I following suit.  “I hope they were able to find a good place for lunch.”

            I was opening mine up when Sora made a worried sound and Takeru gasped in concern after reading their messages.  I quickly opened mine and scanned it, frowning, before I closed the little terminal and put it away.  “This day just gets better and better.”  I commented, sarcasm dripping off my voice.

            “Something wrong?”  Lily asked with polite concern.  I ran a hand through my hair in agitation and glanced at my brother (whipping off a reply to Miyako, who sent the message) and Sora.

            “Yeah.  One of our friends seems to have tripped and hurt her ankle.  We really have to go find her and the others to see what we can do to help.”

            “Yikes.  I have some first-aid training.  I might be able to do something.”  Lily offered.  I shook my head, and smiled at her.

            “That’s alright.  We appreciate the offer, though.”  I thanked her, politely turning her down.  After all, we Digidestined took care of our own.

            “Matt…” Takeru gestured pointedly.

            “Yeah, we’re going.  I’m sorry to rush off, and it was nice seeing you again, Lily.”  I waved and started moving through the crowded park, already looking for our absent friends.  I heard Sora and Takeru giving their own farewells behind me and their footfalls as they hurried after me.  I reached around myself and unclipped my Digivice from my belt, pausing to look down at the little screen and get my bearings.

            “Matt?”  Sora came up on one side of me and looked down at my hand.  Takeru came up beside her, already searching with his D3 as I was.  “Oh!  There!”  She exclaimed as a set of blips appeared on our Digidestined radar detectors.

            “Come on, guys!”  Takeru led the way.

            We found them not far from the concert stage, in a relatively quiet area of the park.  Hikari sat on the grass-covered ground, supported by Miyako at her back.  Taichi knelt next to his sister, trying to reassure her and provide comfort.  Izzy stood slightly apart, on guard and looking around – probably for us.  I waved when he looked in our direction, and I saw the relief when he spotted us.

            “Hikari!”  Takeru dropped down next to his girlfriend immediately, taking her free hand in his.  “Fell, huh?”

            She tried to smile, but she was obviously in pain and her face simply couldn’t do it, instead looking pinched with how badly it hurt.

            “The ground is pretty uneven over there.”  Hikari said, wincing as Taichi let Sora take the hand he’d been holding and carefully began rolling her sock down to try and assess the damage.  “I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking, and I tripped.  Ouch!  Yagami Taichi!”

            “Sorry, sorry…” big brother Taichi looked as pained as she probably felt.  “You’ve got some fairly spectacular bruising already starting, sweetheart, and I think we should leave your shoe on until we get you home to keep the swelling under control until I can ice this.”  Taichi gently rolled her sock back up.  “I’ll take you back to Matt’s, Hikari, and I’ll ask Joe to stop by after his shift to take a better look at you.”  He glanced at me – as if he needed my permission, the idiot – and I nodded.

            “I’ll call Joe for you, Taichi.”  Izzy declared, already dialing his cell phone.

            “Thanks, Izzy.”  Taichi knelt in front of his sister, his back to her.  “Hop on, Kari, and I’ll carry you so you don’t have to put any weight on that foot.”

            “Don’t you think I’m a little too big for that anymore, Taichi?”  She grumbled, but with Takeru and Sora’s help, she draped herself over her brother’s back and he slowly got to his feet.

            “You’re a featherweight, Kiddo.”  He replied, grinning at her complaint.  “Comfy back there?”  He teased.

            She sighed and rested her chin on his shoulder.  “I suppose.”

            Miyako laid a hand on Takeru’s arm and squeezed.  “Izzy and I have to get going anyway, so we’ll go with Taichi and Hikari, Takeru.”  She glanced at Sora with a smile.  “You and Sora should stick around with Matt a while longer.”

            “You sure?”  Takeru asked, frowning.  He looked at Hikari in question, clearly torn.

            “I’m fine, Keru.”  Our Light reassured him.  “You can come home with Matt and seem me later, though.”

            “Of course.”  I agreed, though I wasn’t going to protest if all of them wanted to go with her.

            “Well, okay.  If you’re sure.”

            Taichi gave me an apologetic look.  “Sorry to run out on you, Matt.  Break a leg with your next performance!”

            I rolled my eyes.  “Thanks, Taichi.  Go on, get going.”  I waved them along.  “Yell if you need anything.”

            Izzy hung up and joined us again.  “Joe said he’d be over as soon as he can make it, Taichi.  He said to get her home, keep the foot elevated, and to alternate cold and heat packs to help with the inflammation and swelling.”

            “Yeah, that much I knew.  Come on, then.”  Taichi turned and started what was going to be a longer than normal walk home with his passenger.  Miyako and Izzy said good bye, wished me luck, and hurried after him.

            Suddenly Miyako turned and came running back to us, shoving a large bag into my hands.

            “Almost forgot!  Here’s lunch.  You guys can eat what you want and bring the rest back later.”  One bright grin and she was running full tilt to rejoin the others.

            “Thanks Miya!”  Sora called after her.

            I shrugged, chuckling at her vivacious nature.  “Shall we?”  I asked the others.  Nodding, we sat right where we were and dug in.


            By the time we finished eating and cleaned up, the clouds had gone from threatening a typical Tokyo downpour to a real-live thunderstorm.  Rumbles of distant thunder and the ever increasing darkness of those clouds prompted me to leave Takeru and Sora to go find my band and then find our connection to the festival organizers, the person in charge of PR, to find out what the verdict was on continuing the concerts in the on-coming weather.

            I found my band easily enough.  They were parked in the seats right near the stage off to one side, reserved for the performers to watch the other acts.  Turns out we didn’t have to go searching for our PR person, because as soon as the band on stage finished their last song, one of the major, in-charge types got up on stage and announced their regret that due to the severe storm expected, the rest of today’s live scheduled performances were cancelled in the interest of safety.

            So the guys and I went to pack up our instruments and equipment.  I let Sora and Takeru know what was happening, and that I’d meet them in half an hour to head home, with a quick text message on my D-Terminal.

            We were loading equipment into the van (belonging to our drummer) when I heard a loud voice call my name.

            “Matt!”  It was our PR contact, Hisano Tami.  “Hey, Matt!”

            I climbed out the back of the van and walked over to where she stood waving at us.

            “Tami.”  I greeted her.  “Need something?”

            “I wanted to pass this along to you,” she handed me a cheque in an envelope, made out to me (which would soon be cashed and divided up between all of my band members and myself), “with many thanks from our organizers.  It’s the full amount we agreed on, despite not getting to perform your last set.”

            “Oh!  Uh wow, thank you very much for that.”  I slid the cheque into a pocket.  “Not a problem.  Not your fault or ours that the weather refuses to cooperate today.”  Tami winked, grinning at me.  “And I was wondering if you and your band could do one teensy little favour for me?”

            I blinked.  “Such as?”

            “You have some very eager fans who would love to meet you and maybe get all of your autographs?  It’s only a couple!”  She hastened to explain at my less than enthusiastic expression.  “They were a bit disappointed when we cancelled your final performance, and I said I would ask…”

            I sighed, frowned, and debated silently.  Really I just wanted to say no because I, for one, didn’t feel like dealing with fans right now, and two, wanted to get home to find out how Hikari was.  However, if I refused, it would be bad PR for us with not only our fans but the organizers of the festival, who also coordinated a great many of the large events in the city, and we could lose any further invitations to play at some of those events.

            “Let me consult the guys, and if they’re fine with it, we’ll do it.  Otherwise, I really need to get going.  I’ve got people waiting for me.”  I held up a hand as I backed away.  “Be right back.”

            After a quick discussion (because the band was more than happy to play with the fans whenever possible) we were following Tami around the staging and “backstage” area to where the volunteer crew were cleaning up and gathering the chairs.  At first, all I could see was a small crowd of young girls – probably just starting junior high.  There was one adult among them, and as soon as she turned to face in our direction, I recognized Lily.

            Oh joy.  This, then, must be her little sister and friends.

            Tami led us over and took charge.  “Okay, girls!  You’re very lucky today!  The guys were just packing up, and they agreed to a few autographs before they left.”  She had us line up and handed each one of us a good marker, then got all the girls in a line so they could move along one at a time and get each of our signatures.

            I took it like the attention whore/rock star I was supposed to be, putting on my public, charismatic smile.  It was a little hard to keep a straight face, though, because Lily stood back with Tami, making faces behind the girls at me.

            The last of them was, apparently, the infamous little sister.  She looked much like Lily, and she did that fangirl squeal thing when I signed her CD – one of our albums – and gave her a smile.

            “Matt, we’re going to finish packing and get out of here.”  My drummer informed me as the group of girls went into a huddled over their treasures.  “You don’t have to come back.  You better get home to your friend.”

            “Thanks, man.  I’ll call in a couple days to confirm that next gig.”  I waved at them as they walked off.

            Tami (Lily following unobtrusively) joined me and shook my hand briefly.  “Thanks for your hard work, Yamato, and for seeing to your fans.  I’ve got to run, but I’m sure we’ll be in touch.”

            “Sure, Tami.  Thank you and the other organizers for the opportunity to play here.”

            “Will do.”  She smiled widely and hurried away, cell phone in hand.

            Turning to Lily, I raised an eyebrow.  She gave me a sheepishly apologetic expression and shrugged helplessly.

            “I’m sorry, Matt.  I opened my big mouth and it just slipped out that I’d run into you.  Tami’s a friend from university, so…when the brat wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, I gave Tami a call.”  Lilly explained.

            “No harm done.”  I accepted.  I couldn’t blame her really.  Dealing with crazed fans is not easy to do, even if one of those fans is a sibling.  I should know.”

            Daisuke’s had lots of practice, after all.

            “Is your friend okay?  The one who hurt her ankle?”  Lily asked.

            “I don’t know.  Her brother took her home – my place – and a friend will stop by after his shift and check her out.  He’s a doctor.”  I added.

            “Ah.  I hope she isn’t seriously hurt and that her recovery is swift.”

            “Thanks.”  I nodded.  “She’ll be fine.  She’s tough, our Hikari.”

            Lily smiled at the fond, proud tone of my voice.  “If she’s one of you, then she’d have to be.”

            I smiled mysteriously.  Lily had no idea, psychic or not.

            “So…” Lily studied me curiously, arms folding across her chest.  My eyebrow went up in inquiry.  “I gotta know…”

            “What?”  Now I eyed her suspiciously.

            “How’s that love-life you were avoiding at the Amusement Park that day?”

            I nearly fell over.  Wow, that was really quite audacious of her.  I stared hard at her, stiffening in defense and the beginnings of righteous indignation.

            “Excuse me?”

            Her face fell and she held up her hands defensively at my tone.  Completely serious now, she apologized.

            “Okay, I’m sorry!  That was a stupid thing to ask you.  None of my business, especially when you hardly know me.”  I huffed, relenting a bit, and turned off my death-glare.  “It’s my abilities.  Because I see so much and know so much about perfect strangers, I sometimes forget that they are strangers and…open mouth, insert foot.”

            I sighed.  “Forget it.”

            She looked away.  “I am sorry, Matt.  I guess my curiosity overrode my manners.  I just…was really intrigued, that day, to meet that many of the Chosen, and to find this little romance story blooming.  I mean, knowing what you all went through, the things you did, I was just really glad to see that you’d all find some real happiness.”

            I thrust my hands into my jacket pockets, my shoulders hunching slightly.  “Yeah, well, the future’s not set in stone.  Things can change in a heart beat.”  I refused to think about how far away from my happiness I was – no Taichi was no happiness, to me.

            She frowned, but nodded.  “So true.”  Then her eyes got that spooky, far-off blankness and I suppressed a sudden need to make my excuses and escape.  Lily held out a hand to me.  “I can see more stormy weather for you – and I don’t mean the kind Mother Nature comes up with.  But it’s not very clear why.  Give me your hand, Matt, and I might see it clearer.”

            I stared at her hand, unable to take my eyes off it.  Before I knew it, I had reached out in response and my fingers hit her palm.  Her eyes closed and her breath caught, then slowed and deepened.

            Maybe it was curiosity, maybe I’m a sucker for allowing myself to let her use something on me that I don’t actually believe in, and maybe there was still enough deluded hope left in me to make me a glutton for punishment.  But I let her keep my hand and I waited.

            “This is very odd.  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this before.”  Lily said slowly, a frown marring her expression.  Her head canted to the side as if she were listening to something only she could hear.  “I see turmoil coming soon for you, Matt.  I don’t know what it is, but there’s an event that will…there’s deep, emotional pain and sadness, but…damn.”  She opened her eyes and let go of my hand, a frustrated snarl sneaking out.

            “I did not understand a word of that.”  I felt obliged to point out.

            “Neither did I.  Normally when I see storms around a person, it means there will be trouble in their life.  But this…was different.”  Lily was pacing a neat little path back and forth while she thought this thing of hers through.

            “Different, how?”  Belief or not, it was interesting and she didn’t come across as crazy to me, even if she did claim psychic ability.

            “I think something will happen.  But it seemed like the storm was…I don’t know.  Distorted?  Like I thought I was seeing the storm, but I really wasn’t.  An illusion?  Or…oh!”  She suddenly stopped and declared, “I’ve got it!  Some big thing will happen, but it will be construed in such a way that it wasn’t meant to be and that’s why the storm I saw was all weird.”

            I just blinked at her, not even pretending to understand.

            “So you still haven’t talked to…the person, yet?”  Lily shook her head.  “What’s holding you back?”  Her eyes went wide and she was shaking her head more vehemently now.  “Okay, that’s the other foot stuffing itself in my mouth.  Pretend I never said that.”

            “Yeah.”  I was going to do that anyway.  “Uh, as much as I appreciate it, I should really get going before Sora and Takeru come looking for me.  He’s probably going crazy worrying about Hikari, so…” I gave her a brief (albeit tight) smile.

            “Of course.”  Lily nodded, looking very embarrassed and apologetic.  “I’m sorry for holding you back, Matt.  And for…the rest.”

            “It’s fine.  Anyway, I’ll see you around.  Enjoy the rest of the festival.”  I wished her in farewell, turning to walk away.

            “Wait, Matt!”  Lily laid a hand on my arm as I turned, then quickly removed it.  “I know you don’t really believe me, and you don’t know me so you have no reason to trust me, but I have to say it anyway.”

            I glanced back at her, listening because I just couldn’t walk away without hearing her out.  No doubt I was channeling Ken and his Kindness.

            Lily’s eyes met mine, begging me to take her words to heart.  “Matt, whatever it is that might happen…try to remember that not everything is as it seems, and that assumptions rarely let you arrive at the truth.”

            I frowned a little, then nodded.  As I walked off in search of my brother and Sora, I filed her advice away to analyze later.  It was too cryptic to be concerned about when I had other things to think of.


            When we got home Joe was still there, visiting with Taichi and Hikari.  The Child of Light lay on the sofa, with her bad ankle lying propped up on a pillow on her brother’s lap.  Taichi was holding a Ziploc bag full of ice over the injury and I spotted the heat pack he’d been alternating the ice with lying on the coffee table.

            “Hey, guys.”  I greeted them as I entered the living room.  “Hikari, how’s the foot?”

            “Hikari!”  I blinked and Takeru was just suddenly there beside her, sitting on the floor near her head and reaching for her hand.

            “Don’t look so worried, Takeru.”  She scolded, but held his hand tightly anyway.  “I’m fine.  Joe says it’s not broken or anything, just sprained.”

            “That’s good news.”  I said, glancing down at Taichi, who looked up at me with a small smile.

            “It’s still going to be a pain.”  Taichi reminded us all softly, gently removing the ice.  “How’s it look now, Joe?”

            He moved from his seat on the armchair and studied the damage.  “Hmm…the swelling’s gone down quite a bit.  I can wrap it in a tensor bandage for now, if you want, but tomorrow you should go to a pharmacy and pick up a brace.”  Joe straightened and pushed his glasses back up his nose.  He gazed down the length of the sofa at Hikari, Takeru, and Sora (who’d come around the less crowded end of the sofa to join us).  “It goes on like a boot – or an ice skate – and it laces up the way skates do.  It has hard, plastic guards on the sides that will prevent you from turning your ankle any direction that would make it all worse, and you can walk in it.”

            Hikari nodded.  “Okay.  Thanks, Joe.”

            “Anytime!”  He looked so pleased to have been useful, it was kind of funny.  I smiled.

            “I’ll go get one for you in the morning.”  Takeru declared in his chivalrous way.

            “Thank you, Takeru.”  She smiled sweetly at him.  Taichi and I exchanged faces at the fluff our siblings generated (like the good older brothers we tried so hard to be).  Sora caught us and gave us a warning glare, and we just looked back at her, innocent as could be.

            “Well, keep it elevated for a few more days whenever you’re sitting down, wear the brace whenever you walk on it for about two weeks, and if it still hurts by then, then you let me know and we’ll go from there.”  Joe smiled at his patient.  “I’m pretty sure it’s only a sprain, though.  Okay, Hikari?”

            “Yep.  I’ll be good, Joe.”

            “Good.  I’m going to head home now.”  Joe waved at us all and paused to pat Taichi on the shoulder.  “Good luck with camp, Taichi.”

            “Thanks, Joe.  See you when I get back.”  Taichi returned.

            “We should go, too.”  Sora said, glancing at her watch.  “Taichi should go to be early and get a final good night’s sleep before he leaves.”

            My best friend looked like he wanted to argue but one threatening glance from his baby sister as she sat up and moved her foot off his lap kept him silent.  Pouting, but silent.

            “Do you want me to call a cab for you?”  I asked, reaching for the cordless handset.  Sora nodded gratefully.

            “Thanks, Matt.  I’ll pare the fare.”

            I waved it off, dialing 411 to ask for a taxi service.

            Fifteen minutes later, Taichi and I saw Sora, Hikari, and my brother off, Hikari supported on either side by her companions.  Closing the door behind them I sighed, smiling to myself.

            “What?”  Taichi asked, seeing it.

            I followed him back to the living room where he proceeded to tidy up the mess he’d made with the ice, heat pack, pillows, and empty water bottles.  “Oh, nothing.  I was just amused by our overly saccharine siblings, is all.”

            He rolled his eyes, chuckling.  “Gods, yeah.  I swear they sparkle at each other like characters in anime do.”  He dumped the bottles into the recycling and dusted his hands.  “How far do you think they’ve gone?”  Taichi wondered.

            “No farther than some hot making out.”  I replied, frowning.  It wasn’t something I really wanted to think about.  I mean come on!  It’s my little brother and Taichi’s little sister!  I don’t need those mental images, thanks.

            Taichi sat beside me at the counter.  “It’s weird to associate…that with Kari.  And Takeru.  Together.”  He looked about as happy at those mental images as I felt.

            “No shit.”  I agreed wholeheartedly.  “But you and I both know it’s only a matter of time.  They’ll graduate in a couple of years, and no doubt the wedding will shortly follow.”

            We turned our heads to stare at each other with similarly horrified expressions.

            “Well,” Taichi sighed in resignation, “at least I know Takeru would never hurt her, and he’ll protect her with everything he has in my place.”

            I nodded.  “He will.  He’ll give her the world.  And I know he’s safe with her.  They’ve belonged to each other since Hikari joined us, after all.”


            After several minutes of silence, spent contemplating our siblings, the passage of time, and our roles in their lives, Taichi suddenly yawned loudly.

            “Sorry.  I’m bushed, Yama.”

            “Go to bed, Tai.  You’ve got an early morning.”

            “Ugh.  Good night.”  Taichi slid off his stool and wandered off down the hall.

            I went to bed, too, not long after – considering I wanted to be up so that I could see him off in the morning.


            Since I didn’t actually look at the alarm clock when I set it and crawled into bed (meaning I didn’t not what time it actually was), I have no idea how long I stayed asleep for until I was suddenly wide awake and it sounded like the world was ending outside.

            Thunder boomed and crashed, lightening turned night to day, and the building shook with the force of it.  I could hear the wind howling and the rain pelting every surface it touched.

            I rolled over, facing away from my windows, and dragged my pillow over my head, but it was no use.  After how ever many minutes of trying to go back to sleep, I just couldn’t do it with all that light flashing – even with my blinds closed.

            Sleep deprived, annoyed, and with one hell of a head of bed-hair, I rolled out of bed, taking my pillow with me and trudged blearily down the hall to Taichi’s room.

            Why there?  No place else in my house where there’s a place to sleep and no windows.  Besides, it wasn’t like Taichi didn’t have room with that big bed of his.

            I barged right in, stumbled to the bed, and managed to catch myself before simply throwing myself down onto it.  Wouldn’t do to land on top of Taichi – interesting as it would be.  Instead I cautiously plunked down on the edge and felt around in the dark until I found the large lump of him.

            Then I shook him insistently.

            “Tai…” I called noisily, continuing to nudge him.  “Taichi…”

            “Nnugh…wha’?”  He came sort of awake and slapped at my hand.  “G’way.”

            “It’s storming, and I can’t sleep with all the night and noise.  Shove over and let me sleep in here.”

            He didn’t even answer me, just rolled away to the far side of the bed.  I took that as an ‘I don’t care’ and slid under the covers with him.

            Fifteen or so minutes later, I was kicking them off again because Taichi’s a freaking furnace!  How any one person can emit that amount of body heat and not freeze to death is beyond me.

            I’d finally settled in comfortably, and was just about out for the count, when Taichi’s weight beside me shifted and I felt him snuggling up to my back as I lay on my side faced away from him.  When he fell silent again, and his breathing turned into soft snuffling sounds, I relaxed and let myself fall asleep once more.

            Sometime during the night, I began to dream.  Now, I realize that I’m a normal, healthy teenaged male, and having erotic dreams that I don’t actually remember in the morning (waking with sticky, damp sheets and/or pajamas, and sometimes with a morning erection as proof) is all perfectly normal and to be expected.  However, I was not expecting to do so when I was sharing Taichi’s bed – no matter how I truly felt for him.  Even more unexpected was for Taichi to wake up in the same condition as I.

            How do I know?  This is the morning where everything changed forever for me.  Allow me to explain…

            I came to slowly, unaware – at first – of where I was or who I was with.  My brain usually takes a few minutes to fully engage when I wake up, but this time it took a lot longer, distracted as it was, and by then it was far too late.

            I lay on my side just as I’d fallen asleep, apparently having not moved at all during my slumber.  Taichi was now fully spooned up to my back, however, instead of just curled against me.  Somehow, one of his arms became my pillow while his free arm draped itself around my torso, that hand actually lying directly over my heart.  His breathing ruffled the hairs on the back of my neck.  Taichi’s leg was insinuated between my own, his thigh pressing quite nicely into my balls, and…his good morning was nestled against my ass, and I could feel it perfectly despite two layers of clothing between us.

            Of course, I still wasn’t fully awake yet, and besides!  Taichi’s alarm clock hadn’t gone off yet so I didn’t need to get up.  And I’m not ashamed to admit that I felt warm, comfortable and safe as I was, so I just dozed off again.

            I was dreaming.  Yes, one of those – this time probably because I was entwined so intimately with Taichi.  And it was certainly the Chile of Courage who was the centre of my fantasy.

            Oddly enough, we were lying as we’d been (in this dreamscape), and I dreamed that we were already together.  At least, that’s how it seemed.  Taichi was trying to wake me up slowly, using some rather sensual, if not down right erotic, techniques.  I could feel his lips at my neck, nibbling along my pulse until he found this one spot just below and behind my ear that made me shiver and mutter unintelligibly.  Then the hand on my chest was moving, slowly caressing and learning every bit of my skin by his touch.  His fingers brushed teasingly across my nipple and I let out a gasp, arching slightly into the sensation.  Gods, it felt so good!  Taichi kept playing with me, all the while feasting on my neck and shoulder.

            Then, before it registered (so lost in a pleasure-filled daze as I was), his hand was slipping downward, until his fingers could lightly trace patterns around my navel.  I very nearly purred, and let out a gasping, “Please…”  I could hear his breathing hitch and grow even heavier in my ear, and his hand slid under the waistband of my pajamas to follow the trail of my pubic hair right to the prize.

            I’m fairly certain I moaned as his fingers curled around my erection.  Oh fuck, this wasn’t going to take long!  I was so worked up, and it felt so damn good to be touched by someone that wasn’t me – to be touched by Taichi.  His hand began to move, and the closer I got to coming, the more I couldn’t keep myself from thrusting into his grip.  Every time, on the backstroke, my ass would collide with his groin, and he’d push back just as uncontrollably.

            If I hadn’t been so far gone I’d probably have begged him to get us both naked and bury himself as deep as he could in me – dream or not.  That should have shocked me enough to wake me up, but I didn’t.  Maybe I was clinging too tightly to the fantasy because I knew it was all I’d get.  I don’t know.

            All I do know is that when Taichi’s thumb swept across the leaking head of my throbbing, aching cock, and rubbed the very sensitive spot on the underside, I went off like a rocket.  I came so hard my head spun, I saw bright white lights in my vision, and I practically curled into myself as I shot pulse after pulse into Taichi’s still working hand.

            As I was coming down from that rather incredible high, I felt Taichi’s body shudder against me, and as my senses returned I could hear him panting heavily, feel it at the nape of my neck, and I could no longer feel the tell-tale hardness of his erection pressed up to my ass.  I guess it had been enough for him to come, too.

            If I’d have been a cat (or a Tailmon) I’d have started purring in satisfaction.

            Except that the entire moment of afterglow was completely shattered by the sudden, glaring interference of the alarm clock going off.  Insistent and gradually increasing in volume, the beeping continued until Taichi moved to shut it off…

            …which required him to pull his hand out of my pajama pants.

            I felt him roll away, freezing in place and going numb with shock in his wake.




            Not…a dream.



Relevant Episodes:  Nothing specific this chapter!


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