Butterfly Effect

Space Wall 01…Or, as it can be known in the Realm, Random Acts of Chaos.  ^-^  Basically, these are the random fandoms I’ve hit up for fics, series that I’ve written only one or two fics for, that don’t belong in some other category.  Legal stuff first:

*BLANKET DISCLAIMER: Kali & muses do not own any of the series, characters, images, etc. herein.  We just borrow them for the sake of our enjoyment as fans and admirers of the series and use them shamelessly for the fanfiction contained herein.  We also make no profit – unless you count joy and fangirling all over it as ‘profit.’

*WARNINGS: The fanfiction posted here will likely contain many adult themes and situations, ranging from language to graphic sexual content to violence.  Each fic will contain its own warnings specific to that fic, also, but consider this a general reminder that this kind of thing is likely to appear and if any of this is offensive to you or if you are underage, please refrain from reading – or do so at your own riskI take no responsibility for the actions of others when you’ve been duly warned!

*ABOUT BETA-ING:  Most, if not all, the fics listed have not been beta-ed.  When I first wrote them (and posted them on fanfiction sites), I did not have anyone to beta things for me.  It is highly likely that you (and I) will find typos and whatnot, so please try to ignore them.  So unless credit for a beta is given at the beginning of a fic, assume it is not beta-ed, please!

So!  On to the fics!  Happy reading!


Current WIPs (not yet posted):
**Word counts are what is typed, not written, in most cases

Untitled sCRYed project Once enemies, now allies.  But forever rivals.  Their relationship is continuously changing, evolving.  And, like their Alter powers, it gets stronger as it evolves.  Ryuhou didn’t always understand Kazuma but that, too, is changing.  They’ve both lost so much and so many.  Old regrets become new resolve, but neither will stop fighting for their independence and home in the Lost Ground – or so Kazuma always thought.  But what if he should lose the one thing left he lives for?  (Pairings: Kazuma/Ryuhou, Tachibana/Cammi, et al.)  **Word Count: 6,500/?????

Untitled Get Backers project – It’s a whole new world GB and the gang have woken to, and now it’s time to determine the paths they will walk.  Question is, will Ban choose the duty he’s ran his entire life from, and will Ginji choose Ban? (Pairings: Ban/Ginji, Shido/Madoka, Hevn/Masaki, Kazuki/Juubei, Makubex/Sakura, et al.)  **Word Count: 4,700/?????

Untitled Bleach project 1.0 – He still has no regrets for using Mugetsu to protect what he holds dear, but first he loses his powers, then the girl who changed his life.  He feels as if he’s lost huge pieces of his very soul.  She watched him lose what made him who he was and then had to leave after barely a goodbye.  It hurts both greatly to be separated, each in their separated worlds.  Obstacles, interference, and revealed secrets will all play a role in bringing them back together – for good.  (Pairings: Ichigo/Rukia, Ishida/Inoue, et al.)  **Word Count: 3,400/?????

Untitled Bleach project 2.0 – Most everything has returned to the way it should be.  Life has gone back to normal, Ichigo has his powers back – better than ever – and he can protect those he wants to protect once again.  High school is finished, and he’s a few weeks away from beginning a new era in life.  (Pairings: Ichigo/Rukia, Ishida/Inoue, et al.)  **Word Count: 17,000/?????

Untitled Dragonball Z project 1.0 – No Summary available; mostly just a Truten romance.  (Pairings: Trunks/Goten, Gohan/Videl, et al.)  **Word Count: 49,000/?????

Untitled Dragonball Z project 2.0 – (AU) Briefs Trunks is the young, hot, rich corporate exec with a rep as a playboy and philanthropist.  Son Goten is a prodigy and reclusive loner with a rising star in the art world.  They’re as opposite as night and day and occupy different social circles, but they’ll soon discover that they’re more alike than they thought and learn just how small the world can truly be.  (Pairing: Trunks/Goten)  **Word Count: 2,000/?????

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