Written In The Stars

Chaos Notes:  This one’s all for Jen.  Ye gods I’m attempting to write something romantic and not purely hentai.  @_@  Yikes.  Why? Because everyone knows (and should know) that Tyson and Kai’s love is written in the stars…  Kai said so himself.

Disclaimer:  Kali & Muses do not own Beyblade or its characters.  Beyblade is © Aoki Takao, D-Rights, Nelvana, etc., etc.  We suffer tremendously because of that.

Warnings: Yaoi alert!  Language and lemon, and the risk of melting at the sappy romance. 

Pairing:  TyKa!

Summary:  An anniversary spent alone is not how Kai wanted it to be.  And neither does Tyson…

Dedication:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!!!  Hope you enjoy your present!  *winks*  Love you!


Written In The Stars


…when I look to the sky something tells me you’re here with me
And you make everything alright
And when I feel like I’m lost something tells me you’re here with me
And I can always find my way when you are here

– Train, “When I Look To The Sky”, My Private Nation



            The young man drew his legs up to his chest and rested his arms over his knees, staring out at the vast expanse of ocean and midnight-blue, star-filled sky.  A soft sea breeze gently wafted over him, ruffling his slate-grey, dual-toned hair and the loose white, cotton, buttoned shirt he wore half done up.  Crimson eyes that reflected the starlight and the loneliness he felt closed as another sigh escaped.  Kai didn’t care.  There was no one but the stars to hear or to wonder why he was sitting on a white-sand beach all alone and obviously feeling low.

            Sure, he and Tyson and bought this beach house for the purpose of having a get-away when they needed to be away from the hustle of city life and the fans that still remembered their glorious days as champions.  It had become their main residence, though, and now they only went back to the Bay City for BBA functions and to see Tyson’s family, and Kenny, and Hilary – even Daichi.  But when Kai was sitting here, alone, and he’d rather deal with that city-life and those fans than be without Tyson on such an important day as today, well…

            Sigh.  Grumble.

            They had had quite a time trying to agree on where to buy and what sort of house they wanted – when they’d finally come to the agreement that they even wanted a get-away.  The people who had owned this beach house before them had only been able to hold visitation tours of the property for the real estate company in the evenings, and as soon as Kai had walked out on the deck, facing the ocean, the night it had been their turn…he’d known.  The view was so familiar, so very tranquil and perfect that he’d blindly reached out to grab Tyson’s arm and hold him back from going down the stairs to the beach below immediately.  Tyson had looked up at him, then out at the landscape of moon and stars and sea, and gasped quietly, freezing in place much as his partner had.

            “We’ll take it.”  Was all Tyson had said, much to the delight of the real estate agent.  Neither cared about price or whether anything needed repair, or any other thing but the fact that they’d found a place that reminded them of that brief eternal moment in their last Beyblade World Championship battle and the starry, planet filled seascape they had found themselves in.  The place where their hearts and minds couldn’t hide from each other any longer and where they had finally admitted there was so much more to their relationship than they’d thought possible to find.  A place where words weren’t needed.

            Sighing again, Kai let his chin fall to rest on his folded arms.  Another breeze slid coolly over his skin and chilled him just a little, but he didn’t move.  It was their anniversary, damn it.  He shouldn’t be sitting out here in the cool evening breezes with only a flimsy shirt and a pair of shorts on, wishing for his lover, and taking comfort in the peacefulness that had driven them to buy this place to begin with.

            Hugging his knees, he indulged in a pout – as there wasn’t anyone to see the Kai Hiwatari actually do that – and mentally grumbled to himself, scheming a way to get Tyson back for not being there on what he thought of as the most important day of the year.  After all, none of the holidays or special occasions he could think of could come close to being as special as the anniversary of that momentous world championship battle and the date, one year later, that they told each other that they loved each other (and subsequently became lovers and inseparable).

            So where was the energetic bluenette?  Kai grumbled to himself some more.  Tyson had been home that morning…  But one telephone call from Kenny and he goes running back to Bay City.  He complained silently.  What could have possibly happened that required his lover to drop all their anniversary plans and go back, Kai didn’t know because Tyson had completely avoided telling Kai anything quite skillfully.  And before he knew it, Tyson was gone and he didn’t have a clue what was going on.  Oh but he will explain when he gets home.  Kai thought determinedly.  And I just might make him sleep on the couch, too.

            Smirk.  Sigh.


            Tyson ran up the front sidewalk, juggling the box he carried haphazardly as he tried to watch out where he was going over the top of it.  He couldn’t believe he was so late getting back home.  Kai was probably really put out by now.  He just hoped that his lover would forgive him enough not to make him sleep on the couch alone for it.  Reaching the front door, he put his box down and dug out his keys.  He shoved open the door, bent and picked up the box, and hustled inside, being careful to lock the door behind himself again.

            He set the box down on the kitchen table, and called out, “Kai!  I’m back, love!  I’m so, so sorry…” then stopped when no answer came and no Kai appeared.  Frowning, he went looking around the house.  “Kai?”

            As he was passing by the French patio doors that led out to the deck, he spotted a figure sitting out on the sandy beach alone, bathed in moonlight and starlight, practically glowing like some ghostly being.  A soft smile crossed Tyson’s face and he thought quickly, planning.  Then he made a quick dash to their bedroom to change.

            He knew the older blader was probably upset with him for seemingly abandoning him on their anniversary, but Tyson had a good reason!  He really did.  And he was going to spend the rest of the night making it up to Kai.

            Done changing, he grabbed something from the bedside table drawer and stuck it in his shorts’ pocket (just in case) before padding barefoot back out to the living area.  Grabbing the box on the way out, he stepped out onto the deck and carefully navigated his way down the steps, then strode soundlessly over the sand toward his greatest rival and one-and-only love.

            Kai didn’t hear the footsteps come up behind him, and so when he jumped slightly as a box was placed on the sand next to him it was with good reason.  Startled, he looked at the box, then looked up at a smiling bluenette – then glowered.

            “You’re late, Kinomiya.”  He stated flatly, turning away to ignore the box and his lover.

            Tyson’s smile wilted, but didn’t fall away completely.  “I know.  I’m sorry, Kai.  I really, really, really had no idea I’d be gone this long.”  He sat behind Kai on the sand and wrapped his arms around the older man’s waist, attempting to pull him back against his chest.  Kai was resisting that though.  Instead, Tyson began to rub slow circles over Kai’s back and shoulders, massaging the tension away.  “I promise I never would have left if it hadn’t been important.”

            Kai just grunted, not relaxing under Tyson’s touch but not pushing him away, either.

            “Kenny called to tell me that my package had come in.  I had to go get it right away…” Tyson trailed off when Kai turned his head back enough to give him a glare that said, “On our anniversary?  Bullshit.  Nothing’s that important.” before turning away again.  “No, really, Kai.”  Tyson moved away for a moment and crawled over to the box, opening up the top flaps and pushing aside the packing material to reach inside and pull out something from within.  “See?”

            Uninterested, Kai merely glanced, still feeling petulant.  “A book.”  He intoned, unimpressed.

            Tyson’s face fell this time.  “Not just any book, Kai…look at it, okay?  Please?”  He held it out with a nervous, pleading expression.  Unable to say no to that face, Kai took the tome and looked at the cover.

            Blink.  “ ‘Dragon Spin: An Autobiography of Kinomiya Tyson.’  Your autobiography?”  Kai raised his eyes to Tyson’s in surprise.  “I thought you said that wouldn’t be published for another three months.”

            “That’s what I thought, but Kenny talked Hilary into pulling some strings at the BBA to get the printing date pushed up.”  Tyson replied, fidgeting.  “I wanted to surprise you with it on our anniversary – today, and Kenny promised me he’d call me as soon as the advance copies got to his house so I could come and get them.  They actually came in late.  I thought they weren’t going to get here in time…”  He reached out and opened the book, flipping pages until he reached a nearly blank one at the beginning of the book.  “But this is what I really wanted to surprise you with…”

            Kai gave him a strange look, then lowered his gaze to peer at the words on the page with only the light of the moon and stars to read them by.  “ ‘Dedication: To my Phoenix; all my success is because of you…for you.  We were written in the stars…  All my love, for always.’ ” he read softly, a tremor running through him with emotion.  Kai looked up with vulnerable, open, molten crimson eyes and carefully closed the cover again.  “Thank you.”

            “No, Kai, thank you.”  Tyson plucked the book out of his hands and put it back inside the box, closing the flaps again.  “There are so many things I never would have done if you hadn’t been there, so many places and people I wouldn’t have met, so many experiences I never would have had to learn from and to grow from.”  He crawled back to his spot behind Kai and this time when he pulled the taller blader closer, Kai willingly leaned back against his chest and let him enfold him in his arms.  “And I love you.  So much.”  Tyson buried his face in Kai’s hair and breathed in the scent of it, shampoo and the scent that was uniquely Kai.

            “Tyson…” Kai closed his eyes and rubbed the bare arms that encircled him.  “I love you.”

            “Heh.”  The bluenette tried to burrow his face further into Kai’s hair, his voice muffled.  “I’m glad.  Otherwise you’d never have forgiven me for disappearing all day like that.”

            “Hn.  You’re not forgiven yet…”  Kai pulled away from Tyson’s arms and turned over onto his hands and knees between the younger blader’s spread legs.  “You have to make it up to me somehow…”  His eyes thinned as they landed on Tyson’s slightly parted lips.  “I’m sure we’ll think of something.”

            “Oh really?”  Tyson allowed himself to fall backward, pulling Kai down with him.  Looking up at him with hooded eyes, he rubbed a thumb-pad over Kai’s bottom lip.  “You know…we’ve had this place for a while now…and there’s no one for miles…and there’s this gorgeous, empty beach…”

            Kai quirked an eyebrow.  “Do I detect a kinky idea?  Why Tyson…”

            “What?  It’s not kinky…not really.  We’re not in public or anything.”  Tyson mock-scowled at him, then threaded his fingers through Kai’s hair at the back of his head, drawing him down closer until they could practically breath each other’s breaths.  “I can’t think of anything I’d like better right now than to make love to you on the beach with nothing but those stars and that moon for light.”  He smiled when Kai arched into the touch of his fingers, kneading at the nape of his neck and slowly trailing down under the collar of his shirt.

            “Didn’t…” Kai groaned softly, warmth washing through him.  “…say I wasn’t interested…”

            “Heh.”  Tyson tilted his chin up a little as their mouths found one another for a deep, soulful kiss.  One of Kai’s hands found his hair and was working at the tie while their lips brushed against each other over and over again in leisurely caresses.  “Hmm…I’ve been needing that all day.”  Tyson let his hands massage the musculature under his palms as he moved his hands over Kai’s shoulders and down his chest to seek out the buttons of his shirt that were still done up.  In the moon and starlight, the white shirt was giving Kai an almost ethereal glow.  He was gorgeous bathed in that soft light, and Tyson felt the stirrings of urgency begin to flutter like butterflies in his stomach.

            “I’m right here.”  Kai’s voice was husky and low.  Instead of saying anything further, he dipped his head to kiss Tyson more firmly and insistently than before, hoping to convey how much he’d wanted Tyson with him that day and how badly he needed this right now.  He let himself settle against the bluenette underneath his long, lean form and continued to kiss Tyson fervently, lips hungrily feeding from one another and tongues tangling hotly in a passionate duel.  Tyson let him control the kiss for now, opting to concentrate on getting Kai out of his clothing first.

            Kai’s white shirt was tossed carelessly up and over their heads to fall somewhere on the sand.  Immediately Tyson’s hands were exploring the revealed muscled back and shoulders of his lover freely.  The bluenette could feel the shudder that passed through the older blader at his touch, and the warm sea breeze that floated over them occasionally.  Tyson worked one hand down Kai’s spine and slipped his fingers just under the waist band of his shorts to knead at one lobe of his butt, the fingers of the other hand tangling in Kai’s hair and holding his head in place with their mouths fused together in a fiery kiss that was growing more heated by the moment.  The dual-haired man growled something against Tyson’s mouth and rocked against the younger blader, wanting to feel more of that skin-on-skin contact.

            Tyson’s leg moved on its own, straightening then slowly sliding up along Kai’s to twine the two limbs together.  He drew back for a second to grab a breath and moved like lightning, flipping Kai over onto his back and hovering over the taller man.  Breathing heavily, he stared down into smoldering crimson eyes and watched the reaction there as his hand slid achingly slow up Kai’s leg, across his thigh, and slipped under the leg of his shorts to stroke the soft skin of his inner thigh reverently.  “You’re already hard.”  He commented in a thick voice, his knuckles brushing the bulge those shorts barely concealed.  “Imagine that…”

            “Hn.”  Kai blushed and let his leg fall a little more to the side to let Tyson’s hand move higher, closer to the place where heat burned and an ache for his lover had started.  “Tease…”

            Tyson smirked and saw those eyes flutter as his fingers caressed the delicate skin where his pelvis and leg met.  “No, that’s teasing.”  He trailed his fingers along silken skin as he removed his hand.  “What do you want, lover?”

            “You.”  Kai reached for the buttons of Tyson’s shirt, deftly unbuttoning it.  “Naked.  Now.”

            A small gasp escaped as Tyson helped to push the shirt off his shoulders and body, flinging it off to the side somewhere.  “Ha…yeah, I can do that.  But you’re going to have to lose the shorts, too…”  He sat up properly, straddling Kai’s leg and undid the button of his shorts before taking hold of the zipper and carefully pulling it down.  Kai lifted his hips to help as Tyson yanked the shorts down and off, dropping them on the sand next to them and staring down with dark, stormy blue eyes at his lover’s gloriously nude form.  “God, you’re so beautiful…”

            “And you’re still wearing clothes.”  Kai complained, sitting up a bit and grasping the waistband of Tyson’s own shorts, trying to shove them off his hips and speed things along.  “Off.”

            “Geez…patience.”  Tyson laughed and quickly shed the garment, dropping it on Kai’s shorts and coaxing Kai back to lie down again, leaning in to capture his mouth in a short but deep kiss.  “Mmm…much better.”  They both made soft noises of pleasure as golden-hued bare skin met pale ivory bare skin and slid against each other in such a familiar, welcome way.  Kai shifted restlessly to make their bodies conform to each other more snugly and to accommodate Tyson when he wiggled into a position that placed him lying over Kai, situated between his legs comfortably.  With a pleased sigh, Tyson went back to one of his favourite tasks – driving his lover wild with every bit as much energy and passion as he put into his beyblading.

            Nibbling on Kai’s bottom lip briefly, he ghosted his lips back toward Kai’s ear and murmured, “How do you want it, my love?  Or am I going to have to discover it for myself this time?”  He smirked when Kai grasped his shoulder with one hand and the other ran swiftly down Tyson’s back to smack him on the butt in warning.  “Well…guess I’ll just have to try a few things to see what you want, then, won’t I?”  Tyson grinned into Kai’s neck and nuzzled, brushing his lips over the quickly beating pulse there then licking the spot with a purr of sound.  “Mmm…you taste good.  I want more.”

            “Nn..urh, Tyson, you’re…” Kai closed his eyes and tried to find a reason to fight back but found he didn’t really want to.  This just felt too good and he was in the mood to be revered and almost worshipped as only Tyson ever could.  He’d never admit it aloud, but the bluenette had a way of playing his body like a musical instrument with a precision that he couldn’t resist.  Hence the reason why he was, more often than not, uke.  Right then he was trying to hide a shiver as Tyson’s hands slipped to his hips and held him down and the bluenette began to descend down the length of his body, mouth busy as he went. 

            Tyson brought one hand back up to rub his palm flat against the hard nub of a nipple as he teased its twin into stiffness with his lips and tongue, laving at it like an ice cream cone that was melting and biting at it gently.  Kai’s spine curved as he arched into the sensation, loosing a moan to the stars above in pure pleasure.  His fingers thrust through the mane of Tyson’s dark blue hair and tangled in the soft strands, urging him to continue on.  Tyson made a husky noise and kissed a wet trail over to the other nipple, lavishing like treatment on it and earning another moan.  “Keep sounding…” he growled darkly, sucking the bud into his mouth and releasing it with a pop of sound. “…just like that.”  The noises Kai made when Tyson was pleasuring him were enough all on their own to make Tyson hard as stone and fill him with passion like nothing else.  He was making it his mission in life to try and get as many different noises out of Kai as he could when they made love.

            Kai, to say the least, wasn’t complaining.  He wasn’t vocal to begin with, but somehow the sounds just came out of him without control or hesitation.  He tried to push Tyson down, toward the centre of his need, but the bluenette wasn’t cooperating.  “Shit, Tyson…can’t you…”

            “I’m enjoying myself, here.  Deal with it.”  Tyson grasped the hand that was reaching between them and heading for Kai’s erection, forcing it up to pin it beside Kai’s head on the sand.  “Nuh uhn.  Nope.  None of that, either, lover.  You’re all mine this time…” he released Kai’s wrist and went back to what he was doing, trailing wet kisses down his sternum and over the older blader’s rippled abdomen.  His hair brushed lightly over Kai’s skin, contrasting the moist kisses with soft, feathery touches.  His other hand fisted in Tyson’s hair when that agile tongue dipped into his navel and was dragged farther down to barely graze the base of his hardness.  Unable to stop himself, he squirmed.

            “Ty-son!”  His voice cracked and his hips pushed up on their own, demanding silently.  “God, please…”

            “Please what?  This?”  Tyson curled strong, calloused fingers from years of beyblading and kendo training around him and stroked forcefully a few times.  Kai cried out and tossed his head back into the sand he lay on, spine curved for a moment as he was lost to the wave of ecstasy and heat that crashed through him.  Tyson watched him, shifting his body downward a little more to make the position a bit more comfortable.  “Or maybe this…?”  He guided the tip to his mouth and flicked his tongue over the weeping head, swirling his tongue around it and finally taking him more fully into his mouth.  Kai keened low in his throat and dug his heels into the sand on either side of Tyson’s body between his legs, knees bending and splaying apart wantonly.  The heat and suction from Tyson’s expert mouth was slowly driving him crazy.  At this rate he wouldn’t be able to last much longer…and he wanted to reach that peak with his lover, not before him.

            “Please…stop…Ty…” Kai panted, trembling and forcing his eyes open to stare down at the bluenette head that bobbed up and down and around his aching length.  “Ooooh shit…”

            “Hmm…”  Tyson hummed and drew back after a few more teasing strokes, licking his lips and smirking at the way Kai nearly twitched in pleasure.  “You’re close.”

            “Yes.  Come on…” Kai met his gaze with a blazing one of his own and held out his hands to Tyson.  “Have me, already.”

            Tyson’s smile was a touch wicked, but he obligingly crawled back up Kai’s prone form to meet the desperate kiss his lover offered.  They kissed like air was non-existent, hands seeking sensitive spots and urging each other on, to go higher than they were already.  Breaking away with a gasp for breath, Tyson blindly reached for his shorts and dug out the tube of lubricant he’d stuffed there earlier, flipping the cap open and squirting a liberal amount onto his fingers.

            Kai wrapped his arms around Tyson’s back and shoulders, hanging on as a slick finger entered him.  “Unngh.”  He grunted, burying his face in the curve of Tyson’s neck.


            “…No.”  Kai testingly shifted his hips, and nearly purred in pleasure.  “Not at all…  More, please.”

            “Hang on and relax, lover.”  Tyson murmured, another finger joining the first.  He moved them in and out at a gentle pace, but one that was suggestive and sexual in every way.  Kai was already getting restless by the time the third finger was added and he wasn’t shy about complaining about the lack of speed.  He nipped none too gently at Tyson’s pulse, soothing it with his tongue and moved his hips in return thrusts to Tyson’s stroking fingers.

            “Enough, damn it!”  He finally growled, fingers digging into Tyson’s shoulders.  “I’m more than ready here…”

            Chuckling darkly, Tyson turned his head to the side and kissed Kai on the temple, pulling his fingers from his lover and rolling onto his back to allow the older man to be seated over him.  “Alright, sexy.”  He gasped when Kai guided Tyson’s hard length to him and positioned himself carefully.  “Ahhh…nnn-now ride me, Kai.”  He breathed, grasping the taller man’s hips firmly in his hands and guiding his movements as he sank down, taking Tyson as deeply as he could into the sheath of his body’s heat.  When he could go no farther, Kai paused and savoured the deep, fulfilled sensation of being joined to his lover again.

            “Ah…god, Tyson!”  Kai shifted his hips and cried out as something was barely stroked somewhere deep inside him.  “Nnnhhh…”

            “Move, Kai…” Tyson bucked his own hips upward a little and his eyes glittered in satisfaction as the dual-haired man began to rock and roll his lower body against Tyson, building up a rhythm that quickly turned desperate.  Tyson’s fingers dug into Kai’s upper thighs, sure to leave small imprints at the least, and rode the wave of Kai’s movements in a blur of white ecstasy.  “Ooo-oh!  Kai!”

            “Tyson!”  Kai, ignoring the strain it was putting on his back to do so, dropped forward just enough to steal a hard, hot kiss before he grabbed one of Tyson’s hands and wrapped the bluenette’s fingers around his dripping erection.  “Touch me…please, touch me!”

            Willingly, Tyson did so, pumping to counter the thrusts of their bodies.  Tyson’s vision was filled with the vast starry sky and Kai as he writhed above him, and it was going to be his undoing.  “Come, Kai.  Come!”  He stroked that burdgeoning hardness with as much force as he could muster and Kai stiffened in reaction.

            His body trembled then jerked as release crashed into him, his voice raised to the heavens filled with Tyson’s name that ended in a hoarse whimper, milky evidence of his orgasm covering Tyson’s hand and stomach as he teetered precariously above his lover.  Tyson cried out Kai’s name in return, bucking almost wildly as he rode out Kai’s release and let go of himself, thrusting up one last time and loosing his own essence deep within Kai.

            Shivering with the sweat that was cooling rapidly in the sea breeze, Kai toppled forward into Tyson’s waiting embrace and tried remembering little things like his name, how to breathe, etc.  He listened to the pounding of Tyson’s heartbeat until his own had slowed to a normal pace, then blindly sought out the younger blader’s mouth for a slow, appreciative kiss.

            When they finally separated, Tyson nuzzled Kai’s hair affectionately and rubbed his hands up and down Kai’s arms and back.  “We should go in before we catch a cold.”  He murmured, kissing a bare shoulder lightly.  “Have I made it up to you?”

            Kai smirked, nuzzling his nose into Tyson’s neck.  “Well…”

            Tyson rolled his eyes and laughed.  “ ‘Love you, Kai…” he said with sated sleepiness.  “Happy anniversary, my love.”

            “Hmm…same to you.”  Kai tightened his arms around Tyson and rolled to the side, so he was sprawled over top him.  “I love you.”

            They eventually gathered up their clothes and the box of books, and made their way back to the house.  The stars overhead danced and sparkled brightly, and the moon shone brightly, huge in the night sky.

            Their love, after all, was written in the stars.


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