Ultimate Temptation

Warnings:  Shonen-ai, language, suggestive adult content and situations.  Don’t like it?  Don’t read it.

Disclaimer:  Kali does not own Beyblade.

Pairing:  TyKa! (hinted: Rei/Mariah, Ken/Hil)


The Ultimate Temptation


          There are giants dancing and stomping around on a tin roof in my head.  And I think…I’m gonna…

          I roll out of bed and I’m in the bathroom before I even register I’m moving. 

          About what feels like hours later (but was actually only about 15 – 20 minutes) I crawl over to the sink and with what energy I have left, use the counter to hoist myself up shakily to wash my face and rinse out my mouth.  Ugh.  It feels like something crawled in there and died – something furry.


          I rub my arms, suddenly realizing I’m freezing cold, and look down at myself.

          Confusion sinks into my muddled mind and clears it briefly.

          “Why the hell am I stark naked?!”  I yell at myself in the mirror.  And then my memory begins to exert itself on my pounding headache and I nearly collapse back to the cold tile floor in humiliated fear and shock.

          “OH MY GOD!”


          Tyson looked up at the ceiling and winced, hearing Kai’s cry of shock.

          “Oooh…” He moaned.  “I am so dead.”

          He dropped his head into his arms, folded on the kitchen table he was sitting at eating a bowl of cereal he’d purloined from Kai’s cupboards.  And he groaned loudly as all the possible ways Kai would murder him played through his mind.

          “Kami help me.”


          I swear on Dranzer I will never, never, ever drink again.  Not ever.

          Brief flashes of the previous night kept blinking in front of my blank-eyed stare, but they were enough.  I indulged myself in a whimper and dragged myself and my sorely abused body back to my room and looked around.

          Apparently Tyson had made sure I’d be okay before he left.  He’d stripped me, knowing quite well that leather is great for clubbing, sex, and other fun activities, but not at all comfortable for sleeping in.  For that I was grateful.  For the fact that he’s now seen me…nude, and not how I’d want him to have that experience for the first (hell, any!) time, I’d prefer to crawl into my bed and die of humiliation.  Tyson had also left me an emergency bucket…oh, wait.  That’s my wastebasket.  Whatever.  It works, even if I didn’t use it for that most unpleasant purpose.

          And then I spot the big glass of water on my nightstand and hurry over to pick up the glass and sip slowly, but gratefully.  For that I was eternally grateful.

          When I’d finished the whole glass and my stomach gurgled, but didn’t revolt, I sighed and went back to the bathroom to shower.

          Standing under the spray, hot water cranked up to near scalding (just how I liked it), I tried to piece together my memories so that I could figure out just how I was going to be able to a) face Tyson without humiliating myself further, and b) figure out what exactly I might have said last night.

          Horror hit me like an iron bat.  “Or what I might have done…Kami-sama…” I’m not a religious guy, but right then I begged whatever deities were listening to assure me I hadn’t done anything really stupid – like try getting Tyson into bed with me at the worst.  I resisted the urge to bang my aching head against the shower wall.

          By the time I’d gotten out of the shower, I’d begun to feel semi-human again.  My stomach had settled down so I didn’t feel nauseous anymore, and my head – though still hurting – was tolerable.  Now that the rest of me felt clean and free of that icky cold sweat feeling you get when you’re sick, I felt a lot better.

          I decided today was a good day to laze around the house and do nothing.  Maybe veg out in front of the TV or something.  So I pulled on a pair of cotton jogging pants that were a tad baggy on me, and an older tank top I didn’t wear outside the house anymore because it was loose and faded horribly.  Then I padded downstairs in my bare feet, thinking maybe I’d try eating some dry toast.

          And stopped dead in the kitchen doorway from the stairs when I came face to face with Tyson.

          I had no chance of hiding behind any of my emotionless masks this time.  My eyes went wide and all the blood rushed out of my head so fast I felt a bit dizzy.  I opened my mouth to say something but all that came out was an incoherent noise of shame and fear.

          Tyson recovered faster than I could and gave me a tentative, trembling smile.  “Hey.  You’re awake…uh…you okay, Kai?  I mean, the hangover after last night must be killer…”

          “I…you…what are you doing here?”  I ask in a rough voice.  I didn’t mean for it to come out so harsh-sounding, especially when he slumped a little and his smile fell.  “I mean…I figured you’d left…”

          “No.  I brought you home last night and I stuck around because I wanted to make sure you were okay.”  He avoided my gaze – but not before I caught a flash of hurt.  “I was worried, that’s all.  I’ve never seen you drunk like that, so…yeah.  But you’re obviously okay, and I’m in the way, so I’ll just head home, now, myself and…” He got up and dropped a bowl and spoon he’d been using into my sink.  Then he moved toward the other doorway to go to the front door, avoiding looking at me.

          I hurried after him and blurted, “Wait!  Tyson, hold up.”  Reluctantly, he looked up at me, one shoe on and foot poised to slid into the other.  “I didn’t mean that like it sounded.  I’m still…you know, fuzzy.  You don’t have to…what I mean is…” Okay, now I just sound ridiculous, fumbling over my words in what, coming from me, is the closest thing to an apology I could give.

          “Ah…are you sure?  I don’t want to bother you when you’re feeling crappy, Kai.”  His midnight blue eyes searched mine for something.

          “Oh, no.  I’m fine.  Not, you know, perfect, but fine.”  I ran a hand through my still slightly damp hair restlessly.  What the hell was I doing?

          I kept asking myself that when Tyson kicked off his shoe again and slowly followed me back inside to the kitchen.  He sat at the island counter on a barstool-type chair and watched me go through the motions of making toast.

          “Um…Kai?  About last night…”  He finally broke the silence and sat there watching me carefully.  He was fidgeting, which made me nervous.  Swallowing the lump of dread in my throat, I replied, “Yeah?” in a croaky voice.

          “how come you got tanked?  It’s not like you, and…I don’t know.  I guess I’m worried.”

          The toast popped out of the toaster, but I didn’t reach for it.  I was too busy gripping the counter edge and frantically trying to come up with an answer that sounded plausible – a lie, but a believable one.

          I tensed as I saw him move out of the corner of my eye.  I didn’t turn to look at him, though – didn’t have to know he was standing somewhere behind me now.  Still trying to think of something to say, I nearly jumped when he spoke in a low voice from right behind me.

          “I can repeat what you told me last night, since you obviously are having trouble saying anything right now.”  Tyson said.  I closed my eyes and hoped he wasn’t going to tell me what I thought he was.

          When he didn’t continue, I forced myself to turn and meet his gaze solidly as I asked, “What did I say?  I can’t remember.”

          He nodded and held my gaze.  “You said it was because you couldn’t take it anymore, that I was too tempting and a few other things that I equated to your happily wasted state.”  I could feel myself pale and looked away from his penetrating blue eyes.

          “I…I was drunk, Tyson.”  I tried shrugging it off, but he wouldn’t let me.

          “Yeah.  But from how you’re acting this morning and how you won’t even look at me now, I’d say it was the truth.”  He took a step closer and I pressed myself back against the counter, trapped.  “And now you’re scared of me.  Why?”  He came another step closer and I had no where to go and no where to look but into his face, my eyes meeting his.  There were no defences for me, not in the state I was in.  He’d caught me off guard and there was nothing I could do about it.  His hand raised slowly and I froze, squeezing my eyes shut because I wanted him to touch me – oh, did I want him to.  But at the same time I didn’t want him to because if he did, I’d break.  I could feel the heat from his hand so close to my face when I blurted, “Don’t…” in a completely atypical voice for me – it held a plea and came out soft and weak.

          Of course he ignored me and laid his hand to my cheek.  I sucked in a sharp breath at the contact because it felt like a brand, and it made me shudder.

          “I just want to know one thing, Kai.”  I heard him say, and felt moisture gathering behind my closed eyelids, threatening to spill over.  His other hand joined the first, preventing me from looking away, and I waited for the bomb to drop and annihilate any hope I had left.  When it hit, it was not what I was expecting.

          “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”


          My heart skipped several beats, and my eyes snapped open.  Staring down into pools of azure that told me he was asking me that question quite seriously, I did the only thing I could in response as his hands fell to my shoulders.  In a swift movement, I leaned in and pressed my lips to his, hard and desperate.  I barely felt his hands gripping my shoulders tightly when he pushed himself up on his toes to increase the pressure of the kiss, returning it, and then parting his lips beneath mine on a muffled sigh.

          I couldn’t breathe and my heart was galloping wildly in my chest.  My hands were shaking as I brought them up to hesitantly cup his face between them and slowly break away to rest my forehead against his.  I felt weak and dizzy, my head spinning.  “Tyson…” I whispered, my voice low and breathy.

          “Hmm…about time.”  He licked his lips and curled his arms around my neck.  I blinked stupidly, not comprehending anything at the moment.


          He laughed and pressed his lips to mine again, and again.  I had to drop my arms and wrap them around his waist to hold us both upright.  His mouth was hard and insistent on my own, and I couldn’t do anything but kiss back with equal fervour.  One of his hands clutched at my shoulder and the other fisted in my hair as we kissed each other hungrily, and in a need to touch him further, I slid my hands up his sides, drawing his shirt up enough to get them underneath and onto bare skin.

          Tyson made a husky purring noise and I dipped my tongue into his mouth, flicking it across his and encouraging it to come out and play.  Kami, he tastes good…  It was the only thought that could penetrate my mind, intoxicated with the taste of him, the scent of him, and the feel of him in my arms as I was.  And it just made me want more.

          He suddenly drew back on a laughing gasp of air and grinned at me, storm-blue eyes sparkling and cheeks flushed.  His lips were red, full, and swollen from our kissing and he just looked so beautiful, and yes, tempting.  I stared into his eyes, and with a growling sound grasped his waist and hoisted him up to seat him on the island counter.  I nudged his knees apart and stepped up close between his legs dangling off the edge.

          “Do you have any idea what you do to me, Kinomiya?”  I asked him in a passion-roughened voice, nuzzling his neck and dropping random kisses here and there.  His hands moved restlessly over my chest and shoulders, rubbing his cheek against my temple.

          “Probably the same thing you do to me, Kai.”  He replied, burying his face in my hair.  “I’ve done everything I could possibly do to drop hints without just walking up to you and saying bluntly to your face, ‘Kai, I think you’re the sexiest guy I’ve ever met and I’ve fallen wildly in love with you.’  What took you so long?”  Now he was complaining.

          I huffed, blowing a stray lock of hair out of my eyes and gave him a withering look.  “Excuse me.  Obviously I didn’t pick up on those hints or I would have…a long time ago.”  I informed him, capturing his mouth again and kissing him until we both lost our breaths.  I pulled back after a moment, letting my forehead rest against his.  “I can’t lie to you, Tyson.  I love you.  And I want to spend the rest of my life at your side – if you’ll have me.”

          “That works for me.”  I watched his eyes go soft and he placed a gentle kiss on my forehead.  “I love you, too.”  I wrapped my arms around him and held him close, closing my eyes with a sigh and feeling an immense weight disappear.  Tyson let his head rest on my shoulder and we just stayed there like that, enjoying the closeness in silence.

          After a while he reluctantly disengaged himself from me and glanced at the kitchen clock.  “Wow…nearly one in the afternoon.  Gramps is probably wondering where I am…” Tyson slid off the counter and looked up at me.  “I should probably get home and reassure him I’m okay, maybe take a shower and catch a nap.”  He yawned and I had the urge to pout.  But I restrained myself.

          “Stay the weekend with me, Tyson.”  I invited, taking his hand in mine and rubbing my thumb over his knuckles.  “Please?  I’ll even agree to make it a lazy one…”

          He eyed me consideringly.  “Movie night?”  He asked.  I nodded.

          “Sure.  Uh…we could invite Kenny and Hilary to join us for a while, too, if you want.”  I kind of hoped he’d say no to that, but I supposed I could live with it if he didn’t.

          “Okay.  I’ll just run home and have a quick shower, grab an overnight bag, and come back, alright?”  Leaning up on his toes, he kissed me solidly then sauntered toward the front door.  I followed along behind to see him off, watching him put his shoes on.

          “I guess you want me to call Hilary and Kenny?”  I raised an eyebrow at him and he grinned.

          “Gee, love, would you?”  He started laughing at my vaguely annoyed expression.  “Don’t sweat it, Kai.  Just phone Kenny and tell him to call Hilary.  That’s what I always do.  He gave me another quick kiss and opened the door, stepping outside.  “Be back in about an hour, Kai.  Hey, you should eat something, too, okay?”

          “Hn.  Hurry up, Tyson.  The sooner you leave, the sooner you come back.”  I shooed him off and he just gave me that wide smile of his and walked off whistling.

          Rolling my eyes, I went back in and did as I’d been told.


          It is a part of the human condition to be often tempted.  And sometimes the temptations are not in one’s best interest, not matter how attractive they may be.  Like I’ve said, I have had my share of the good and the bad.  But my greatest temptation continues to be my blue-eyed dragon.

          The way he tempts me…my love for him is so strong it’s like a form of magnetism – one of many unseen forces on this earth that you know are there.  Perhaps gravity is a better force to illustrate how much I love Tyson.  Every time I’ve fallen since I’ve met him, he’s been there to pick me up again.  And no matter where I am, I can always feel him nearby, as if there’s an invisible cord that connects us and is being used to tug me toward him.

          I guess you could say that some temptations pull you in like gravity – it’s unavoidable.

          In this case, however, the gravity of Tyson’s love is one temptation I quite happily relinquish myself to, because the gratification is more than worth it.

          Kenny and Hilary are cuddled up on one end of my sofa, eyes glued to the TV screen as we all watch movies together.  Tyson and I are on the opposite end of my sofa, and just having him here with me, like this, in my arms, is more than I’d imagined I’d ever have not long ago.

          I look down at him and absently run my fingers through his hair, my interest in the movie long since gone.  He glances up at me curiously, his stormy eyes sleepy and heavy-lidded.  I smile and shake my head slightly.

          “It’s nothing.  Just thinking.”  I tell him.  He reaches a hand up to my cheek, tracing my features fondly.

          “Don’t think too hard, love.”  He murmurs back, then returns to watching the movie – but not before snuggling into the curve of my body against his even farther.

          I let my head rest on the arm of the sofa, my face partially buried in Tyson’s hair, and find myself drifting off to sleep.  I guess I’m still tired from the previous night.

          Let this be a lesson to you: there are some temptations that you should surrender to, because you may find that they are the greatest thing to happen to you.  And if you let the opportunity slip away…well, you’ll never know what you’re missing out on.  What have I learned from all this?  Simple.

          Love is the ultimate temptation.


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