Temptor or Tempted?

Warnings:  Shonen-ai & possible Yaoi, language, suggestive adult content and situations.  Don’t like it?  Don’t read it.

Disclaimer:  Kali does not own Beyblade.

Pairing:  TyKa! (hinted: Rei/Mariah, Ken/Hil)


The Temptor or The Tempted?


          What was that about turning the tables on Tyson?  Oh, right.  I must have been delusional.  Sitting here at the table, alone, watching over Hilary’s purse and Kenny’s Palm Pilot (our concession to him because otherwise he’d bring his laptop), I watch the three glide off toward the dance floor – presenting me wit ha very good view of Tyson’s backside.

          His leather-clad backside.

          Somehow, I manage to contain myself and not drool all over the table.

          I can’t tear my eyes away from the vision he makes, and I think to myself, He has to be doing this on purpose.  How can he not know the effect he has on me?  The question is slightly rhetorical, considering he knows I like leather.  He just doesn’t know the depths of my fantasies with him in leather.

          Ooookay…moving away from that hentai train of thought before my own leather pants get any more uncomfortable.

          I stare firmly downward at my hands and come to the painful conclusion that this is going to be a long night.  With that in mind, I flag down a waitress and order myself a mudslide.  I’m going to need the buzz to get through this.  When I get my drink, I take a healthy swig and return to what’s rapidly becoming my favourite past time: ogling Tyson.

          After about two dances, Kenny returns to the table by himself.  I tear my gaze off the dark blue head among the throng on the dance floor and do my best to hide my interest behind a cool mask of bored indifference, taking a sip of my mudslide.  This all seems pretty pointless a few seconds later when Kenny slides into his seat, gives me this knowing look and asks, “Why don’t you just tell him, Kai?”

          I stare at him incredulously and he laughs.  “What?  You didn’t think Hilary or I would notice?  Especially Hilary.”  He actually smirks at me, the devious little geek!  “You know Hilary has a matchmaker’s radar.  She’s been dying to put you and Tyson together now for…long enough to make me want to get involved.”

          I scowled at him and looked away.  “I’m sure.  Look, Kenny, just keep your noses out of it.  I don’t need or want anyone’s help.”  Gee…that line sounded familiar.  Old habits die hard.

          Kenny just shrugged and snickered to himself.  Like a high-powered electromagnet to iron, my gaze returned to the dance floor, seeking out Tyson – only to discover he and Hilary were returning to the table.  My eyes met Tyson’s for a minute and I nearly fell out of my chair.

          He winked at me!

          Hastily covering up my blush by downing what was left of my drink, I decided I was going to need more than a buzz, and flagged down the waitress again.

          Really good thing Tyson had agreed to be designated driver if it should be needed, because tonight it was going to be needed.


          A couple hours later, last call was announced and I’d pretty much done myself in for the night.  Kenny took Hilary home about an hour or so ago – or was it five minutes ago?  I don’t really know.  I’m finding everything’s pleasantly fuzzy right now.

          Tyson – have I mentioned how much I love him? – the super friend that he is, sits beside me quietly and occasionally giving me strange, sort of worried looks.  Can’t imagine why…  “The world’s a wonderful place!  Don’t look so concerned, my dragon!”

          Oops.  I said that aloud, didn’t I?

          “Well, I’m wiped, Kai.  Wanna go home now?”  He asks me – and I’m not quite so far gone that I don’t recognize it as his gentle, diplomatic, subtle way to tell me I’m cut off.

          Although, standing up and waiting for the planet to stop spinning so I can get off, I figure bedtime sounds awfully good right now.

          “Ooooh…ow.”  I moan and clutch at my head for a moment.  “Make it stop spinning, Ty!”  I think I just whined.  No.  Kai Hiwatari does not whine.

          I didn’t catch Tyson’s reaction to that but his arm slipped around my waist to hold me upright and he tossed my arm around his shoulders so he could guide me outside to my car (to which I’d given him my keys much earlier in the evening).

          “Come on, Kai.  Let’s go for a little drive, okay?  Maybe you could tell me why you felt the need to get totally plastered tonight.”  He muttered under his breath as he propped me up against my car for a moment until he got the passenger side door open and pushed me in.

          “I like driving!”  I declare cheerfully as he gets in next to me and reaches over to strap me into my seatbelt.  “Oh!  T’anks, Tyson.  Safety…” I pause.  What was I saying?  Boy that last drink must’ve corroded my brain cells or something.

          I heard him sigh and rolled my head to the side so I could see him clearly – well, as clearly as my fogged vision could register.  He turned the car on and backed out of the parking stall.

          “Gods, you’re beautiful.”  I decide after a moment of silence as he drove.  He glanced at me, a faint blush on his cheeks making him even more beautiful.  “And sexy.”  I add smiling at him.

          “Um…thank you.”  He eyes me.  I think I flustered him.  Heh heh.  I love doing that.  “So are you.”  He replies after a pause.

          It takes a few minutes but when that sinks in, I can’t help but grin stupidly and purr, “I know.” with no modesty whatsoever.  Tyson laughs a bit, but he’s still blushing and watching me out of the corner of his eye warily.  A minute or two later, I hear him ask another question and realize I’ve closed my eyes.  No wonder everything was so dark.  “Huh?”  I wonder groggily, opening my eyes and blinking at him.

          “I asked what drove you to drink so much tonight.”  He repeated patiently – though there was a tension in his voice I couldn’t identify.

          I thought about that seriously and replied honestly, “Because you’re too tempting and I couldn’t take it and keep my hands off you.”  I yawned noisily and slouched bonelessly in my seat.  “ ‘Sleepy.  G’night.”

          Next thing I knew, Tyson was shaking me awake and dragging me out of the car.  I swatted him weakly away but ended up leaning on him as he and I stumbled up my front steps to my door.  “Where…?” I manage to get out that much of my question before feeling really dizzy suddenly.  Luckily, Tyson understood me and used my keys to unlock the door.

          “You’re home, Kai.  I’m going to take you up to your bedroom, okay?”  He led me to the stairs after kicking the front door closed behind us and locking it.

          Between one moment and the next, I suddenly find myself in my room, my bedside lamp turned on to illuminate everything in a soft, shadowed glow.

          I blink owlishly and collapse backward onto my back on the bed, my vision spinning slightly, and discover I’d been sitting up before.  Oh well.  I feel hands on my leg, straightening my knee out and feeling my foot suddenly freed from my boot.  I manage to prop myself up on one elbow long enough to see Tyson working to pry off my other boot before flopping backward again.

          And then I’m out.  Everything goes black and silent, the world ceasing to exist.


          Tyson blinked and looked up at the sound of a loud snore, dropping Kai’s other boot on the floor next to its partner.  With a sigh of relief, he closed his own eyes for a moment and laid a hand to his chest, where his heart hadn’t quit pounding since Kai’s sloshed admission in the car.

          “I can’t believe you did this to yourself because of me, Kai.”  He grumbled half-heartedly, shaking his head and steeling himself.  “You idiot.  You could have just said something – anything!  I don’t think you’ll be enjoying yourself so much tomorrow because of tonight’s stupidity.”  Muttering about stubborn phoenixes and how much he’d have cheerfully smacked Kai for being a dumb-ass if he’d been sober and awake, Tyson proceeded to strip off Kai’s shirt and remove his gloves, wristbands, armbands, and choker necklace.  He even got a wash cloth to wipe the face paint off Kai’s cheeks.  “You sure a happy drunk, though…” He couldn’t help snickering about it.  “Not what I’d expect.”

          And through it all, Kai didn’t so much as twitch as Tyson worked.

          “Wasted.  Thoroughly pissed!”  Tyson hauled Kai up and lay him on the floor long enough to pull back the covers on the bed.  Then he moved the passed out teen to the bed and hesitated.

          Should he or shouldn’t he?

          They wouldn’t be very comfortable and they looked rather restrictive…

          “Gah!  Tyson no hentai…” Tyson rubbed a hand over his burning face.  But Kami did Kai look drop-dead sexy gorgeous in them – and in just them, too.

          Blushing hotly, Tyson reached out and swallowed hard.  Shaking slightly, he unbuttoned Kai’s pants, carefully unzipped them…

          …and gave a strangled yelp before hastily squeezing his eyes shut and hurriedly tugging the leather garment off blindly to toss on the floor and yank the sheets up over Kai.

          “Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod!”  Tyson thought he was going to hyperventilate or pass out from the blood rushing to his face in furious blush that was turning his ears red.  He should have known Kai would not be wearing underwear with his leather pants…since neither was he.  “I didn’t see it…that!  Anything!  You can kill me for this, Kai.  I promise I’ll let you…if I don’t die of total embarrassment or blood-loss first…”  He wiped at his nose, which was bleeding heavily, and dashed into the bathroom.

          When he returned, he’d calmed enough to briskly gather up Kai’s clothes and drop them on a chair, bring Kai’s wastebasket (an empty, simple canister-shaped metal one) over – just in case – and leave a large glass of water on his nightstand.  Then he rolled his rival over onto his side and covered him up better, turned off the lamp, and left the room.

          Tyson went downstairs to Kai’s living room and collapsed onto the big, comfy, oversized sofa after leaving his shoes and jacket at the front door.

          Well, I guess Hilary and Kenny were right.  He really does think of me that way.  Gods…I can’t believe it.  Why hasn’t he said or done something?  He must know how I…that I…  Despite the late hour, Tyson’s mind was still in overdrive as he mulled over recent events.  I’ve been hopelessly in love with him for how long now…and he’s been hiding something like this from me?  The bluenette groaned and curled up on his side using the armrest of the sofa for a pillow and dragging a fleece throw blanket off the back of it to cover himself.

          Tired, mildly confused, and strangely elated, Tyson dropped off to sleep, having decided to stick around to make sure Kai was alright in the morning.

          As for the rest, Tyson thought sleepily.  We’ll just have to see who tempts who into making the first move, won’t we?  When you’re feeling better, of course.

          He fell asleep with a wicked grin on his face.


 Continue:  https://kalichaos.wordpress.com/beyblade/temptation/ultimate-temptation/

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