Authoress’ Notes:  Happy Valentine’s Day 2005!!!!  *showers readers with heart-shaped candies*  Just a few notes…  This fic is post-GRev, but only from the World Championships (Tyson vs. Kai) because I haven’t seen the rest yet.  So pretend the rest hasn’t happened.  I’m also pretty much ignoring VForce (the aberration).

 Warnings:  Shonen-ai, language, suggestive adult content and situations.  Don’t like it?  Don’t read it.

 Disclaimer:  Kali does not own Beyblade.  Don’t bother suing me, I’m poorer than a church mouse.

 Pairing:  TyKa! (hinted: Rei/Mariah, Ken/Hil)

 Dedications:  To my dictionary and my thesaurus – because no student or writer can live with out them.  To my greatest temptation – CHOCOLATE.  *drools*  But most of all, to my Valentine, Ranma.





          The word means different things to different people.  Some are tempted by the promise of power, wealth, prestige…others are tempted by the promise of good emotions or sensations.  Everywhere one looks, one can find something that can offer whatever one may (or may not consciously) be looking for.

          If you look up the word ‘tempt’ in the dictionary, it will give you several meanings.  One, it can mean to try to persuade someone to do something even if they know it might be wrong.  Two, it can mean to have an urge or inclination to do something.  And three, it can mean to attract or charm.  If you look up ‘temptation’, it is defined as either the action or state of being tempted, or the object that is tempting.

          No matter how it is defined, or what situation, object, person, or emotion it involves, temptation is no stranger to any human being.

          It is definitely something I am all too familiar with.

          As a child, my first true temptation was of this neat, cool-looking new toy that a lot of other kids seemed to have.  At least, I thought it was a toy.  Now, of course, I know a Beyblade is no toy.  But back then…well, all I can say is that it attracted me like a moth to a flame the second I saw one.  When I did get one, from my grandfather, it even came with a bit-beast!  And she seemed to be the most powerful around, while I appeared to have a natural aptitude for blading.  Put us together, and we are a lethal, unbeatable combination.

          My next temptation was not as innocent as a child desiring a new toy.  Because of this temptation, I went through what has probably been one of the darkest times of my life – years of my life.  That’s right.  I said years.  It started when I was still a kid – though no longer with a child’s naïve innocence.  I wanted to be the best blader in the world, and by this time, I’d already spent several years being ‘trained’ in the Abbey under Boris’ watchful eyes.  Then one day, we trainees were shown the Abbey scientists’ latest project: Black Dranzer.  The second I saw that blade I fell from whatever grace had been bestowed on me.  My desire for it fuelled my existence, taking me over completely.  Black Dranzer was the sort of temptation that fell into definition number one.

          So I snuck into the labs one night, precocious child that I was, and stole it.  And the first time I launched that blade…well, I’ll just say the experience was bad enough that I blocked the memory of it out, and didn’t remember again until my new team, the Bladebreakers, and I came to Russia for the World Championships.  It was there that I was tempted once again by that same blade.  And I fell once more.  I betrayed my team, a group of boys that I had unwillingly begun to like and tentatively considered to be the closest thing to friends as I’d ever have – could allow myself to have with my grandfather looking over my shoulder all the time.  I accepted what the dark side was offering, on the promise of power and prestige – I’d be unstoppable and no one would defeat me.  I’d be World Champion, and all the bit-beasts in the world would belong to me.  They say power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Whoever ‘they’ are, they don’t know how accurate that statement is.

          But I was lucky.  My team still believed in me, still thought there was hope for me, and they accepted me back with unconditional forgiveness.  One of them in particular was determined to bring me back to the light and give me a second chance, and if he hadn’t reached across deathly-cold waters on the ice that day, I wouldn’t be standing here today.

          The events on Lake Baikal, with Tyson’s outstretched hand and his forgiving blue eyes, were my next temptation, this time a good one.  No…not a temptation.  This was salvation.

          No, that’s not totally right either.  There was temptation in what Tyson was offering, although I’m certain he didn’t know it.  Or at least, it was the beginning of the greatest temptation I’ve ever experienced.

          My team saved me.  Tyson saved me.  I did what I had to do to put things right again, to try and earn the forgiveness they’d so willingly given me.  Tyson went on to win it all, putting Biovolt down for good.  And from there, we all went our separate ways.

          Not many years later, I found myself being reunited with my old team mates once more, and we prepared ourselves for another journey on the Beyblade World circuit – only to learn that the rules were changing.  And since Tyson was still the best in the World, the only way any of the rest of us could truly prove ourselves was to blade against him.  So first it was Max and Rei who left the team to try their hand at winning the Worlds on their own merit.  At first, I was content to be partnered with Tyson, as the new team BBA Revolution.  But after overhearing an argument between Tyson and Daichi, the newest edition to everything (including the team), that old ambition of being the best snuck up on me again, and I did what I had never thought I’d ever do again.

          I betrayed my team, I betrayed Tyson, again, and left to join the Blitzkrieg Boys in order to earn the chance to face my one true rival across the beydish in an official match.  I’d given in to temptation once again.

          And I did get that chance.  When it came down to the finals, after Tala and Daichi had battled to end in a tie, it was me versus Tyson.  The match of the century.

          During that beybattle, I came face to face with the realization that my greatest temptation was standing right there across from me, somewhat battered and bruised as I was, both physically and mentally.  For a moment, I was lost, confused, and I wasn’t sure if I would ever have the chance to prove to Tyson that I hadn’t left because of him – no, I’d left because I was a coward and because I was weak.

          But there was a moment between us, when our battle disappeared along with the crowded stadium full of fans and our team mates, friends, families, and rivals, that I would never forget.  In that moment, with the universe laid out around us and the stars shining only for us, Tyson and I came to an understanding.

          We would always be rivals and competitors, but even so we would be friends, team mates, and more – we could handle that.

          I had admitted to Tyson during that fateful match that my whole reason for blading any longer was him.  I chased after him with everything I was.  And Tyson understood.  Sure, he’d been angry and hurt before, but he understood now.  And he forgave me.  Again.

          After which he promptly kicked my ass and won his third straight World title.  I think it was the one time I didn’t mind losing a battle.

          And now it’s several months later, and after a brief reunion, our old team has disbanded once more – for good this time.  I don’t think any of us will be competing as a team together again.

          Then again, destiny is a funny thing.  It knows just how to tempt us, after all, to get us to do what it wants.  So maybe I should learn to never say never, right?

          Anyway, Rei has gone home to his village in China.  It’s fairly obvious that he’s absolutely whipped by a certain pink-haired neko-jin on his team, and would follow her anywhere.  If anyone bothered to ask me, I’d say Rei’s greatest temptation is, and always has been, Mariah.

          Max went back to the US with the All-Starz and his Mom, much to Tyson, Kenny, and Hilary’s collective disappointment.  I think they really miss him a lot.  And though I’d never admit it aloud, I miss him, too.  His genki personality got on my nerves a lot, and I’d always seen him as the weakest blader on the team (though I’ve recently had that impression adjusted in our battle on the way to the finals), but he was a good friend.  Is a good friend.

          As for me, I decided I was staying.  Nothing and no one would take me away from Tyson ever again.  Of course, I have yet to tell Tyson how I feel about him, and in truth I have no idea how he truly feels for me.

          Lately, though, its getting harder and harder to resist him.  Everyday at school, during math class (which I don’t have to pay any attention to because its my best subject), I sit behind Tyson and find my mind wandering into areas they really shouldn’t be – especially in the middle of class or in any public place, really.

          Today, for example.  Here I am, once again, off in fantasyland, when Tyson leans back in his seat in front of me with a quickly smothered yawn.  He may be bored, but I’m not.  His wonderful blue hair, held back in its perpetual ponytail, drapes over my open textbook – not that it matters, since I’m not actually using it – and invokes in me the urge to pull off his hair-tie and comb out those silky looking locks with my fingers.

          Before I know it, I catch my hand a mere inch away from his hair-tie.  Without realizing what I was doing, I’d unconsciously reached out to do just what that hair was tempting me to do.

          Oh dear Lord…  I thought, blushing and hastily turning to stare out the window to hide my red face.  Good thing I sit in the very back corner.  And good thing this was our last class of the day – on a Friday, no less.

          Because it was a Friday, Tyson, Hilary, Kenny, and I met up after school and made plans to go out that evening to a club that had become our favourite haunt.  We didn’t drink anything alcoholic (usually), we just went for the music and the opportunity to unwind.  How does Kenny get in?  Well, while Hilary, Tyson, and I are all eighteen now, and the Chief is only sixteen, the club owners know all of us as famous bladers, and members of the home team.  Being so well known in his home town, that’s how Kenny is able to get into nearly any club he wants in Bay City.

          I get home and do my homework immediately to get it out of the way, then have supper.  After my meal, I get in a little practice before taking a shower and getting ready for the night.

          Now normally (meaning if Tyson wasn’t going to be there) I’d just wear whatever.  But because he was going, I spent a great deal more time and effort on my appearance than usual, and since we were going to a club, that meant I could wear clothes I wouldn’t wear anywhere else – like to school.

          I walked into my closet, naked as the moon, and dove into my wardrobe with a vengeance, looking for something that would be suitably tempting.

          Tonight I fully intended to turn the tables on Tyson and be the temptation, rather than the tempted.


Continue:  https://kalichaos.wordpress.com/beyblade/temptation/temptor-or-tempted/

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