Chapter 02

Disclaimer:  Kali & Muses do not own Beyblade or its characters.  We borrowed them for the sake of this fanfic out of love for the series and the characters.

Warnings: Rating ranges from K (G) – NC17 (the NC17 stuff won’t be on ffnet), as stated for at each chapter; shonen-ai – yaoi content; adult language and situations.

Pairing: Always and ever, TyKa!

Written for the KaiTaka / TyKa 100 Themes Art Challenge on deviantArt. 


Theme 06 – Break Away
“The Price of Greatness”
Rated: K (G)
Genre: Drama, Angst
Episode based: G-Revolution 01-04
Tyson’s POV – 1st Person

                I think the last couple of days have been some of the worst days of my life – and certainly of my blading career.  I was getting really pumped up and excited for the upcoming World circuit and the chance to three-peat my title as Champion when Max came to tell us about the new format.  I thought that we’d go into it as we always did – together, as a team, as Bladebreakers.  I expected the guys to be just as excited and ready as I was, and I expected them to go into the next tournament thinking the same as I did.

                I could never be more wrong.

                Last night, I found Rei and Max at the BBA Headquarters, waiting for their rides – apparently – to the airport.  They were leaving to join their new teams, they said.  They wanted to win the Championship, too, they tried to explain when I accused them of deserting the team.  Only to do it and prove their true skill, they had to battle against me.  Not with me.

                Because I am the World Champion.  Twice over.

                I don’t understand it!  I thought we were a team!  That we’d always fight together, win or lose.

                Was it something I said?  Something I did?  Was being a Bladebreaker not enough for them?  Have I really made them feel so inferior?

                I’m good.  I know that.  The best (or, as far as my World title says, I am) blader there is.  But…do they not understand that I’m the best because of them?  Because of Kai?  Definitely all his fault.  No one pushes me as hard as Kai to be better, faster, stronger, smarter…  But from Rei and Max I’ve learned how to be all those things.  I wouldn’t be the World Champ without any of my team – my friends.

                I guess this is the price I have to pay to be the best.  I have to give up my team, and the people who were once my closest friends will become my most worrisome rivals – because who knows my blading style better than they?  Well, I’ll show them!  I’ll prove that I don’t need them any more to be the Champ!  And I’ll do it with the one person I know I can count on!

*** *** ***

                Damn that Daichi!  We nearly missed the registration because of his huge, annoying mouth!  And I really need to find Kai, because if he doesn’t get here soon, then he’ll be the one to miss registering for the tournament.

                Oh!  There he is, all grand entrance.  I knew he wouldn’t let me down!

                “…He’s here now, Daichi, and that’s all that matters.”  I say, tossing Kai my most relieved, grateful expression for his timely appearance.

                “I’m pretty sure you’ve never talked like that about me before, Tyson, and I’m pretty sure I don’t like it.”  The grouch grumps in response – but if he thinks I missed the hint of red staining his cheeks, he’s mistaken!

                I’m prepared now.  We’ll ace these preliminaries no sweat, Kai and I, and together we’ll take the world by storm for the third time.

                Because while I believe I can do it without Rei and Max (the betrayal still hurts deeply), I don’t believe I can do it without Kai.  I’ll have Kenny and Hilary, too.  And with my Dragoon, nothing can stop me.

                It’s obvious that my trust in Kai isn’t unfounded.  I can always count on him.



Theme 07 – Heaven
“In stellas” (“Into the Stars”)
Rated: NC17
Genre: Romance
Plot? What Plot? Drabble
Kai’s POV – 1st Person 

                He thrusts into me again and again, his pace slow and steady and deliberate.  He wants me to feel everything about this moment, to savour each and every delicious sensation as if it’s the last time we get to do this, so that I’ll always remember it.  He’s trying to tell me with his body how much he loves me, wants me, needs me.  He’s trying to give me every ounce of blissful pleasure he possibly can with his every movement and touch and kiss.

                He cares so much, my Tyson, about my happiness and pleasure that he almost neglects his own.  I do my best to return everything he gives me, meeting every snap of his hips with my own, caressing every part of his sweat-slicked skin that I can reach, and kissing him back without restraint.  And here in this moment, I don’t even try to stay quiet about how glorious it all feels.  I gift him with my moans, gasps, and growls, and his name is an offer of worship right next to a deity I don’t really believe in.

                And when the time comes, and ecstasy explodes within my core – my very soul – I’m flying high and free-falling all at once.  Light bursts like fireworks in my vision, heat rushes through every vein and over every inch of my skin, and it’s all I can do not to cry at the sheer beauty of it.

                That one, single, split-second of heaven from this most basic, physical act of love between Tyson and I resembled only one other instant in our lives; a time when we lay on a white sand beach, a crystal blue-green ocean before us and a vast, infinite universe of stars, planets, and galaxies laid out above us.  We’d achieved a place that no other person could possibly understand.

                Tyson reaches his own apex just after mine, and he gifts me with the pleasure of feeling that as well.  A bonus to mix with the afterglow.  We’re both panting, our heartbeats thudding frantically and in sync, but we’ve never felt better, nor more alive than now.  He nuzzles my neck and shifts, still inside me, until he can catch me in a long, lazy kiss.

                In this time and place, with this act, we have once again reached into the stars that our long-standing rivalry once gave us a glimpse of all those years ago.

                He pulls away, rolling to the side, and I turn to curl against him.

                And in a few hours, we’ll do it all again, but for now, we rest.


Theme 08 – Innocence
“Caught In The Act”
Rated: T (PG-13)
Genre: Humour, Romance
Dialogue fic
3rd  Person POV 

                “It wasn’t what it looked like!”

                “Oh, really?”

                “I swear!  I was just trying to…”

                “You were playing with it, Kinomiya.”

                “Was not!”

                “Were, too.”


                “You were!  What do you call it, then, if not playing?”

                “I just want to know why you like it so damn much.”

                “Hmph.  I should think that was obvious.”

                “Look, I’m sorry, okay?  I’ll never touch it again.  I was only curious.”

                “Curiosity killed the cat, Kinomiya.  I told you it was too big for you, remember?”

                “Oh for…Kai, honestly!  What does that matter?  One size fits all for those!”

                “Obviously not.  Just look at the mess you made trying to…”

                “Blah, blah, blah.  And what about you, hmm?  I seem to remember an incident last week…”

                “Don’t go there, Tyson.”

                “Ha!  Look at the blush!  You realize if Hilary didn’t already know about us, she’d have taken it completely the wrong way.”

                “Yes, well…subtlety isn’t our strong point.  Stop changing the subject!  You nearly ruined it!”

                “It’s fine!  It still works…just wash it and it’ll be good as new.”

                “But…all these spots…I don’t think the stains will come out of there, either.”

                “It’s not my fault someone left that mug of coffee right there.  I didn’t see it, and…”

                “And you ruined it!  My favourite one, too!”

                “God, you’re a broken record!  Give it to me and I’ll clean it, you big baby.”

                “Watch it…”

                “Oh, fine.  Pout about it.  Here, see?  This stuff gets everything clean.”

                “It had better work, or you’ll be sleeping in the dojo.  Alone.  For a month.”

                “Yeah right.  Like you can go that long without.”

                “Keep pushing and we’ll find out.”

                “Aww…come on, Kai!  You still love me, right?”


                “…How ‘bout now?”

                “…Hmm…I guess I do.  A little.  Uhn…oh!  Okay!  A lot!”

                “I’m sorry, love.  I promise not to wear your scarf around the house ever again, and if it doesn’t come clean I’ll buy you a new one.”


                “And you can have the last piece of chocolate cheesecake in the fridge.”



Theme 09 – Drive
“Ride The Wind”
Rated: T (PG-13)
Genre: General, Romance
Random Drabble fic
3rd Person POV 

                Tyson tugged his pant leg down over his laced-up boot and stood, grabbing his keys and wallet before stepping outside and heading for the dojo gate.  He stuffed the keys and wallet in the pockets of his leather BBA jacket and zipped them closed, then paused at the gate while he tugged on a pair of well-worn leather, fingerless blading gloves.

                “Tyson?”  A voice questioned in surprise.  The bluenette looked up and grinned at Hilary and Max.

                “Hey, guys!  What’re you two doing in my neighbourhood?”  Tyson swept his long, midnight blue hair back into a ponytail then stuffed his hands in his jeans’ pockets.

                “We’re out for a walk.”  Max responded, seeing as his companion was struck speechless (for once) by their friend’s appearance.  “What’s with the leather?  New fashion statement?”

                “Nah.”  Tyson laughed.  His storm-blue eyes gleamed with barely repressed excitement.  “You might say it’s a special gift from Kai.”

                “Well, he’s…got an eye for fashion.”  Hilary mused, twirling a finger.  “Turn around.”

                Tyson flushed, and gave a spin, showing off the chaps covering his jeans, the jacket, and the boots.  “I kinda like it myself.”  Hilary nodded, giving a low, appreciative whistle.

                “I can see that.  Hey, didn’t you have a date tonight?  To celebrate Kai’s birthday or something?”  Max asked.

                “Yep.  He’ll be here any…ah ha!”  Tyson beamed as the distinctly smooth rumble of an engine became audible and a lone rider on a motorcycle turned a corner and drove toward them from down the street.  “That would be Kai.”

                Eyes wide, Max exchanged glances with Hilary as the motorcycle rolled up and stopped.  As the rider pulled the helmet of his head, Tyson walked around the ‘cycle, inspecting the machine with an appreciative whistle of his own.  “Nice!  Sweet ride, Kai.”

                “Max.  Hilary.”  Kai greeted the others, the corner of his mouth kicking up slightly at the amazed surprise in their expressions.  He turned his gaze on Tyson – who grinned with blue eyes that gleamed eagerly.  “You sure you’re ready for this, Kinomiya?  It’s got a whole lot of power…” the older teen warned, handing the bluenette a helmet.

                Tyson just snorted and got on behind Kai after accepting the spare helmet.  “Please.  You know perfectly well I can.”  He gave a little wave to their friends.  “See you guys!”  He said before putting on the helmet and curling an arm around Kai’s waist.  It made him slip forward until he was pretty much plastered against his lover’s back from groin to neck – which was, of course, a large part of the appeal of riding a motorcycle together.

                Kai certainly had no complaints.  Instead, he gave a farewell nod and put his own helmet back on before settling in as he put the bike in gear and took off, leaving Max and Hilary behind.

                Both young men, from the moment they’d been old enough to drive, had discovered their love of motorcycles.  And since they loved each other, too, it was a match made in Heaven.  Being bladers – the very best and most powerful in the world – had already predisposed them to being adrenaline junkies, and the speed and power of the motorcycle fed their cravings nearly as well as a blading match (with the added bonus of much less destruction and mayhem).  But it was also something that was theirs alone, something special and intimate in a way they could be in public as they were at home in private.  Fame had its price, after all.

                Now that Kai had a motorcycle of his own, they fully intended to make the most of it.  So they rode the wind in a new way, enjoying the speed that made the road almost disappear under them, enjoyed the easy purring power between their legs and savoured the closeness of their bodies as they became one with each other so completely.  Even if they could have, they didn’t need to talk, didn’t need words to know what the other wanted/felt/thought.  It was a very personal, Zen experience, and neither would trade the time for anything else at all.

                And when Kai pulled into a cliff-side lookout overlooking the ocean, pulled off his helmet, and dismounted, Tyson could only laugh with the pure joy of it all.  He removed his own helmet and grinned up at Kai, thrilled and happy.

                “I think this will become a regular thing for us.”  He warned, still sitting astride the seat.  Kai smirked and hung their helmets off the handles before turning back to the bluenette.

                “That’s the idea.”  He stepped up to Tyson and leaned in to kiss him deeply.

                They watched the sunset, then spent a short time longer stargazing before Kai nudged his lover in the side.  “Let’s go home, Tyson.  You drive.”  He dangled the keys between them.

                Tyson grinned.


Theme 10 – Breathe Again
Rated: T (PG-13)
Genre: Romance
Post-series drabble fic
Kai’s POV – 3rd  Person

                For as much as a certain bluenette World Champion blader (times three) loved to talk, there was at least one person with whom even he didn’t need words to say what was needed.  And he’d just done so, leaving a stunned – but not objectionable – Kai in his wake.

                The kiss that had left them both breathless, trembling, and staring at each other was certainly a long time in coming.  They’d always understood one another better than anyone else (when it really counted, when it was truly important), and neither required words to convey their thoughts or emotions, agreement or disagreement, to each other.  But this time…this was probably a singularly most important moment of all in their lives where words just could not express the depth and full extent of their feelings.  And, naturally, Tyson had gotten there first, taking the courageous first leap into the possibilities of a new relationship – he’d planted one on his rival and friend.

                It took about two seconds for Kai to restart his brain and realize what was happening before he responded in kind.  Tyson was a force of nature in this, just as he was in the stadium, and it was as if that one simple act (with all it’s complexity of roaming, groping hands, tangling tongues and crush of bodies) sparked new life in the older blader.  In Kai it was the breath of new life filled with love and happiness.

                Thoughts flew through Kai’s mind at light speed…  How could he have missed this?  How did he ever live without this?  Did Tyson know just how much Kai truly loved him?  Had he finally recognized in himself what Kai had secretly longed for all this time?

                Once again, Tyson proved their lack of need for words by pulling him in for another kiss; this time a soft, gentle exploration and reassuring gesture that answered all of Kai’s questions.

                When he pulled back, smiling at Kai with blatantly obvious affection, Kai felt absolutely bowled over with amazement, wonder, and love.  It was so overwhelming to him to be the subject of such emotion that he found he couldn’t breathe.

                Tyson seemed to understand, thankfully, and gave him a look that was positively lustful.  An open invitation if Kai had ever seen one.  He accepted, and captured Tyson’s mouth with his own greedily.

                Suddenly he could breathe again and it wasn’t because his lungs were suddenly working properly, but because he discovered that with Tyson in his arms, kissing and loving the bluenette like this…

                …Breathing just wasn’t important anymore, and air was highly overrated.

                For Tyson was the oxygen that fed the fires of his life, heart, and soul.


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