Scattered Glimpses

Kali Notes:  Yay for inspirational plot mallets!  Of course, Dryad doesn’t do things half-way, and she’s all about a challenge, so…  Drabble fic!  100 Themes of it!  Oh yes, I said 100.  So not only is it the challenge of writing for 100 different themes, it’s a challenge for Kali to write something really SHORT for 100 different themes.  You can see the issue, right?  XD  Anyway, I happily present the first five of that hundred.  I’m giving them five at a time to cut back on chapter postings, FYI.  Enjoy!

Disclaimer:  Kali & Muses do not own Beyblade or its characters.  We borrowed them for the sake of this fanfic out of love for the series and the characters.

Warnings: Rating ranges from K (G) – NC17 (the NC17 stuff won’t be on ffnet), as stated for at each chapter; shonen-ai – yaoi content; adult language and situations.

Pairing: Always and ever, TyKa!

Summary:  Their love is epic, but their story needn’t be…  Found here is a century of scattered glimpses into the love between Kinomiya Tyson and Hiwatari Kai.  Written for the KaiTaka / TyKa 100 Themes Art Challenge on deviantArt.




Theme 01 – Introduction
“Meet the Family”
Rated: K (G)
Genre: Humour, Family
Post series drabble
Tyson’s POV – 1st Person 

                There was a lot of silence in the car as we drove toward our destination.  Kai was at the wheel, partly because I was a nervous wreck and partly because…Kai is the world’s worst passenger.  He’s a Driver – capital ‘D’ – at heart.  It was just better all around if I let him drive.  The silence wasn’t oppressive, or strained, or even tense, but it was heavy.  It gave my mind far too much room and opportunity to think about where we were going and who we would see when we got there.  Kai didn’t have much to say – hardly unusual, but still mildly unnerving at the moment.  And the stereo had proved only to be annoying so it was off.  As for me, if I started to speak, about anything, I would probably start to babble mindlessly, and I hated to show Kai just how uneasy I truly was about this whole affair (never mind that he probably knew exactly how freaked I was regardless).

                How did I get into this mess?  I did what I always do: I opened my big mouth.  I’d commented that Kai had met everyone in my family but the only person in Kai’s that I had met was Voltaire – and he didn’t count as ‘family’ any longer to either Kai or myself.  That was a week ago, and today – after telling me to dress nicely when he pulled me out of bed, Kai dragged me out of the dojo early in the morning and started driving.  An hour later, here we are still driving, and Kai has only now confessed to our destination.

                By the grip he has on that steering wheel, I’d say he has a few nerves, too.

                “Are you sure about this, Kai?”  I finally break the silence, glancing at him and plucking at my chinos absently.  “I mean, I know what I said before, and we’re nearly there and all, but…this is big!  I mean…we’ve been together for a long time now, and this thing between us…we’ve never really discussed this part of the relationship…”

                “I’m sure, Tyson.”  He cut me off, oddly gentle about it, and pried one hand off the steering wheel to reach out for one of my hands.  I linked my fingers with his tightly and felt somewhat better for the contact.  “They’re expecting us.  And,” Kai added, squeezing my fingers fiercely as he turned into a long, paved drive lined with sakura trees, “you know that no matter what it doesn’t change how I feel about you.  Besides, you deserve to meet someone other than Voltaire.”

                I sighed and stared up at the huge mansion looming before us as we pulled up in front of the grand set of stairs leading to the front door.  “Okay, but…”

                “No buts, Kinomiya.”  Kai let go of my hand to turn off the car and get out.  When I didn’t immediately follow, he opened my door himself and gallantly held out a hand to me in invitation – his silent way of telling me to ‘get out of the damn car and suck it up.’  With a deep breath, I took it and did so, letting him lead me up the stairs to the front doors.

                He didn’t release my hand at all.  Not once.

                A young woman in uniform (not exactly a maid’s outfit, but the same idea) greeted us at the door and led us into a brightly lit solarium, then hurried away – probably to inform her employers of our arrival.  I nearly jumped right out of my skin when Kai asked me if I was okay.

                “Eh, no.  Kai…you’re not introducing me as merely a good friend, or your greatest rival or something.  You’re introducing me as…as…your boyfriend!  Your lover!”

                He tugged me closer to him with a faint smile of amusement.  “My soulmate, yes.  All those things.  I’m not going to hide what you are to me, Tyson.”

                “I know.  I do!  I just…they’re your…”

                “Kai!”  A melodious female voice interrupted.  “Welcome home!”

                “Yes, welcome!”  A male voice boomed.  Turning nervously around to face Kai’s parents, I gave my most respectful bow.

                “Father, Mother, I’d like you to meet Kinomiya Tyson…”

                Oh god…


Theme 02 – Love
“A Language All His Own”
Rated: T (PG-13)
Genre: General/Romance
Post series drabble
Tyson’s POV – 3rd Person

                It’s taken years of careful study, trial and error, hits and misses, and plenty of miscommunication, but Tyson has finally become fluent in the language of Kai.  Hell, he’s probably the one and only leading authority on this mysterious dialect.  This language of Kai is comprised of both actions and what the young man does not say with his words.  Well, despite the fact that lovers everywhere often share a special language like this between themselves, Tyson likes to think he’s the only person who will ever learn Kai’s.

                For example, when Kai yells at Tyson one day for staying outside in the rain too long for practice and training, then returns soaked, shivering, and sneezing…he’s really saying he’s worried Tyson will catch a cold and then where would they be?  To further prove he cares, he hauls the bluenette to the bathroom to strip off his wet clothes and wrap him in warm, dry towels, all the while muttering under his breath and calling Tyson seven kinds of an idiot for being foolish.  But his every touch is gentle and strong, and Tyson can feel the concern radiating off him in waves.

                And there were all the times when they were kids that Kai would say mean things, not meant to hurt but to incite a reaction in Tyson to fight harder, do better, or push himself farther.  There were all the times Kai was there when Tyson truly needed him, from the first Worlds, to Team Psychic’s Battle Tower, to Zeo the Cyborg, to their third Worlds, and finally BEGA – and all the times in between that had little to do with blading and a lot to do with just being a good friend.

                But the hardest translations to make are the ones that came out of how Kai says one small, simple word: Tyson’s name.  It can be either given or family, depending on whether or not they’re in public.

                “Kinomiya.”  Hey, I’m talking to you… or I want your attention.

                “Tyson?”  I don’t understand you. or What are you doing?

                “Kinomiya…”  Why are you making me do/say this? or You exasperate me.

                “Tyson!”  Do I need to call a hospital?  Are you okay? or Don’t scare me like that!

                “Kinomiya!”  Do you mind?  I’m trying to concentrate! or Not now, I’m busy!

                “Tyson…” I am so owned. or Please just do it?  For me?

                “Kinomiya!!”  You have a ten second head start before I kill you! or Get your ass back here!

                “Tyson!”  I’m done arguing with you! or Do what I say or else it’s the sofa for you!

                And there’s what Tyson would have to say is one of his personal favourites…

                “T-Tyson!!”  Oh god, yes!  Do that again!  Harder, faster, never stop…  Well, one can pretty much guess anything else.

                But of course, there is one way Kai says his name that means the most and requires little effort to truly understand:



                I love you.


Theme 03 – Light
“Do You See What I See?”
Rated: K (G)
Genre: General
Episode Based: G-Revolution 46
3rd Person POV

                Kinomiya Tyson has never seen things as most other people do…

                …he sees a challenge to be overcome where others see an impossibility.

                …he sees friends where others see enemies.

                …he sees the whole picture where others see jigsaw puzzle pieces.

                …he sees an opportunity to improve where others see failure.

                Kinomiya Tyson has never done things as most other people do…

                …he takes the risk when others would be cautious.

                …he forgives when others would hold a grudge.

                …he gets back up when others would count themselves defeated.

                …he fights when others would surrender.

                So when they see Hiwatari Kai walking toward them, the sun at his back, Tyson sees the distinct silhouette – as he always has – in a completely different way than the others do…

                …he sees his eternal rival – their score will never be truly settled.

                …he sees his best friend – they’ve been through too much together.

                …he sees the real struggle behind Kai’s battles – it’s about searching for meaning in Kai’s solitary life.

                …he sees Kai continue to grow stronger with every battle (win or lose) and he does his best to keep up.

                And when Kai is a few metres away from him, Tyson does what the others would not…

                …he meets Kai’s gaze, as his equal, and says only, “You’re late.” – a phrase full of hidden meanings only Kai understands; that he was expected, that he’s welcome, that he’s needed, that Tyson cared and was worried about him, that Tyson was happy to have him back.  He does this where the others would be wary of his return.

                …he holds out his hand to Kai, as he has done so many times before; it is an offer of redemption, forgiveness, and friendship, a reminder of Kai’s place in Tyson’s life.

                …he guides Kai to where the others wait, and will soon proceed to lead them all into their final battle with BEGA…with Brooklyn, despite their devastating previous losses.

                …he will fight because it isn’t just a matter of pride as a three time World Champ; it’s about the survival of the sport, it’s about the spirit of the game and the people who love it, it’s about standing up to face the insurmountable odds and overwhelming power to prove it takes much more to be a true blader.

                And in the end, when it’s all said and done, and both Tyson and Kai have beaten their most difficult challenge, Kinomiya Tyson will continue to see and do as others do not.

                Because as Kai remains a shadow surrounded by bright light, an echo of the moment they first met, and dubious voices deny his welcome because of past misunderstood actions…

                …Tyson sees hope where others see despair.

                …Tyson sees strength where others see weakness.

                …Tyson sees courage where others see prideful revenge.

                …Tyson sees Light where others see only Dark.

                That has always been what Tyson saw in Kai from day one: Light in the Darkness.

                That has always been what Tyson was to Kai: a guiding Light.

                And their love, born from the light only they ever seemed to see, would be their best too, their main weapon.  Love of the game, and love for each other.


Theme 04 – Dark
“Paint the Sky With Stars”
Rated: K+ (PG)
Genre: General/Romance
Episode based: Season 01, post-episode 51 drabble
Kai’s POV – 3rd Person

For I have sworn thee fair, and thought thee bright,
Who art black as hell, as dark as night.
–  Sonnet 147, Shakespeare

                It was late.  Kai stood outside on the hotel room’s balcony staring up at a clear, Russian night sky painted with brightly shining, twinkling stars and illuminated by a huge full moon.  It was cold, but he was used to it and he didn’t really notice it any longer.

                The celebrations had gone one quite late down in the hotel’s main ballroom.  Everyone had been there, to congratulate the Bladebreakers – and Tyson in particular – for winning the Worlds and defeating Voltaire and Boris’ evil schemes.  Kai had stayed for a while, until his discomfort with so many people around him and the unknown feelings that came with these newfound apparent friendships drove him to come back to the team’s empty room for some solitude and quiet contemplation.  Though, as he heard the door open and close distantly behind him, he should have realized it wouldn’t last very long.

                Tyson pulled his coat around himself a little tighter and crunched over the snow-covered balcony floor to join his friend and captain at the railing.  “You left early.”  He commented, more of an observance than an admonition.  “Everything okay?”

                Kai shrugged, glanced over his shoulder to see if the others were back, too (to his relief they weren’t), then went back to staring at the stars.  “I needed some breathing space.  I’m fine.”  Thankfully, Tyson seemed to accept that and merely nodded.

                “Do you mind if I stay here with you for a while?”  The bluenette asked tentatively.  “I mean, I can go if you’d rather…”

                “Stay.”  Kai found himself saying.  He didn’t know why, but as much as he had craved solitude, he also wanted this puzzling youth’s company.  He felt…safe.  Tyson moved to stand next to Kai at the railing, elbow to elbow, and joined the elder teen in gazing at the stars.

                “They’re really beautiful tonight.”  Tyson breathed softly, awed by the expanse of glitter on a midnight blue canvas.  Kai nodded, but said nothing.  A companionable silence fell between them as they stargazed, each lost in their own thoughts.

                Some time later, it was – oddly enough – Kai who broke the peaceful quiet.

                “Kinomiya…can I ask you something?”

                “Of course.”  Tyson replied promptly.  He glanced sideways at Kai, curiously.

                In an uncharacteristically vulnerable, uncertain voice, Kai asked, “Why did you fight so hard to get me back?  I don’t understand how you were able to forgive me so easily after everything I did…everything I said to you.”

                Tyson turned and leaned back against the rail, looking contemplative.  “Because you are my teammate, but more because you’re my friend, Kai.  And…for those same reasons I could forgive you.  Once we learned the truth – about Voltaire and Boris, and all their little plans – I could understand why you did what you did.  Besides, Black Dranzer was a huge temptation!”

                Bitterly, Kai looked away.  “How weak I must be to have allowed myself to be seduced by all that power.  How can you forgive me for that?  How can I forgive myself?”

                “Hey.”  Tyson frowned, dropping a gloved hand down on Kai’s, covering it on the railing and curling his fingers around it.  “It was a learning experience, and in the end, you did the right thing.  That’s what matters, and that’s why I can forgive you.  You learned from it, you chose to change for the better, and you’ve won a true victory for yourself.  That’s why you can forgive yourself, Kai.”

                A tremor ran through Kai, and he stared down at their joined hands.  “I…I want to say I’m sorry, Tyson.  I don’t know what you see in someone like me – someone so dark and cold – but…I’m grateful.”

                Tyson smiled mysteriously, catching Kai’s burning crimson eyes with his own storm-blue orbs.  “You’re a lot like those stars up there, Hiwatari Kai.”

                Kai blinked.  “What do you mean?”

                “The light of those stars can’t be seen without the darkness of the night sky.  You shine brightest in the dark, too.”  Tyson brought Kai’s hand up to his lips, placing a light kiss to the back of it before releasing him and going back inside.  “It’s getting cold.  Come inside, Kai.”

                After one last considering look at the sky, Kai followed.


Theme 05 – Seeking Solace
“Safe Harbour”
Rated: M (R)
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Angst
Post series drabble
3rd Person POV

                The rain poured down in torrents, but Tyson didn’t notice as he trudged blindly through the streets.  The weather suited his mood – his life – just perfectly today.  He didn’t even realize where his instincts had taken him until he was standing at the front door of a huge house, ringing the doorbell without even thinking about it (or considering the time of night, for it was considerably late already).  And when the door opened with an annoyed, “What?” growled out by the owner of the house, it was all Tyson could do not to turn around and run away at the realization of just whose doorstep he’d ended up on.  He also found he couldn’t look up and meet that fierce, piercing crimson gaze that went with the low, familiar voice – which spoke again, this time in shock and disbelief.  “Kinomiya?  Tyson, what are you doing here?”

                He managed to raise his head a little, enough to take in the expression on Kai’s face, before he gave a weak smile and answered, “I don’t know.”  At least it was an honest answer.  Before he knew it, Kai had pulled him inside and shut the door, and he stood in Kai’s foyer dripping all over his nice, tiled floors.

                “You’re soaked.  Take off your shoes and jacket, Tyson.  I’ll be right back.”  Kai ordered, hurrying away.  Numbly, Tyson obeyed and when Kai returned with a pair of old sweatpants, a t-shirt, and several towels, the admittedly worried Kai proceeded to strip him down to his boxers and rub him down with the towels to dry him off.

                “Put these on.”  Kai handed over the clean clothes, then gathered up Tyson’s wet things.  “Wait here a second, okay?”  At Tyson’s vague nod, Kai hurried off to hang up the wet clothes in the laundry room, then back to his obviously distraught friend and rival.  “Come on, Kinomiya.  Come with me.”  He headed upstairs.

                Tyson, sniffling, silently followed.  When they reached a door, which Kai pushed open, before guiding the bluenette into the room.  Tyson stopped and looked around in a daze.  “Kai?  Why are we in your bedroom?”  He asked, perplexed.

                “Because it’s the middle of the night, it’s raining cats and dogs, and you are obviously in no condition to take care of yourself.”  Kai responded quietly, pulling back the covers on the bed and gently, but firmly, pushing Tyson down onto it.  “So you’ll stay here with me where I can keep an eye on you.”

                With suspiciously damp blue eyes, Tyson sniffled some more and laid down, curling into himself almost defensively.  “Oh.  Okay.”  He looked absolutely forlorn.

                Kai sighed, shut off the light, and crawled into bed next to Tyson.  He pulled the covers up over them and got comfortable, then asked, “Tyson?  What happened?”

                The bluenette’s breathing hitched, and he rolled over to curl against Kai’s side, burying his face in Kai’s chest.  Startled, Kai automatically wrapped his arms around the younger man, rubbing his back and brushing the yet damp locks of midnight blue hair away from Tyson’s eyes and face.  In the dark, Kai could barely make out the tears pouring down pale cream cheeks, but the sight of it – and the shivers still wracking Tyson’s frame – made him pull Tyson closer, protectively and with the fervent need to comfort.

                “Gramps…is gone.”  The thick, laboured voice finally said, hands clutching at Kai almost desperately.  “T-The funeral was…this afternoon.  I…I couldn’t…just let me stay, Kai?  Please!”  A harsh sob was muffled into Kai’s chest again.

                Heart aching, Kai held onto Tyson and let him grieve.  “Of course, Tyson.  I’m so sorry.  I didn’t know, or I’d have been there.”  He pressed a kiss to the top of the bluenette’s head.  “Get it all out, Tyson.  You’re safe here, with me.”  Kai continued murmuring soothingly at the distraught bluenette until he went limp and quiet in his arms.  Now he understood why Tyson had arrived at his door.  He would have held all that grief and emotion in, unwilling to show how badly he was hurting to his family or even to his friends – to say nothing of anyone else.  And when the need for someone to comfort him, for solace and safety to let it all go, became too much…he’d wandered unwittingly to the one person he’d ever trusted that much – Kai.

                Well, god knew Tyson had always been Kai’s safe harbour, so now, when Tyson needed Kai, he would do his very best to be exactly that for his friend, his rival…the only one he’d ever loved and always would.

                Snuggling down under the covers further, Kai kept Tyson close, brushing another soft kiss across the sleeping bluenette’s lips where he could taste the salt of his tears.

                “I’m here, Tyson.”  He whispered, closing his eyes to sleep.  “I’m here.”


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