Kali Notes:  A belated Happy Valentine’s Day to every TyKa fan out there!  I promised a fic, and here it is!  It’s post-manga, for a change.  Enjoy!

Warnings: Yaoi with a limey flavour, language, WAFF, etc.

Disclaimer: Kali and muses do not own Beyblade.  We just borrowed it for the sake of writing.  Neither do we own the song Afterglow.  That belongs to INXS and is a wonderful song.  So pretty…

Pairing: TyKa!

Summary:  Valentine’s 2007!  Just a bit of fluff and love for the fans.  Kai reflects on his love and the moments that make his life worth living.  And Tyson helps to make some more…




            He opened his eyes and blinked the sleepiness away.  The curtains were ruffling in the light, airy breeze that came through the window that was opened a crack to ward off the summer heat, even though it was the middle of the night.  The figure in the bed smiled softly and brought a hand up to brush his lips with light fingertips.  The events that had led up to him being there played through his mind and he let out a small sigh, trying not to wake the other figure in the bed next to himself.  He carefully flipped over to face away from the window so that he could see the slumbering, peaceful features of the one he loved, a young man with a fierce, determined spirit who captured this man’s interest from day one.  He gently pushed the soft, silken, midnight blue locks of hair away from the young man’s closed eyes and let his own head rest on the pillow, watching him sleep.  Even though the pale moonlight filtering in through the window and curtains was the only light to see by, the awake young man could still see everything with crystal clarity.

Here I am, lost in the light of the moon that comes through my window

            It never ceased to amaze him how open and strong Tyson was.  All Kai had ever wanted he found in this boy – no, not a boy.  He was very much a man, now.  It was going to take some getting used to, he was sure.  Their stormy relationship had culminated in this night, and in some ways it did still surprise him.  The connection had always been there between them, sure, but he really hadn’t expected to end up here, in bed with his best friend, oldest and greatest rival – his one love.  Unaware of his movements, Kai’s fingers left Tyson’s hair and softly traced his features, slowly rubbing his thumb across his cheekbones.  “God, you’re beautiful…” he whispered, watching the lazy movement of his thumb, almost hypnotized by it.  Or maybe it was the softness of the skin under it, or the slight flush of colour to those cheeks, or the way Tyson’s lips parted minutely at the loving touch.  The moonlight played across the bed in a hazy blue glow, illuminating one of Tyson’s best features (according to Kai) – his hair.  Kai loved his hair.  He loved running his fingers through it, loved feeling it dusting over his own ivory skin like the satin sheets they were lying on.  And he loved the scent that filled his senses when he was close enough, the one that smelled something like ozone after a thunderstorm, yet faintly musky and tainted by whatever hair products Tyson used.  It never failed to soothe something in Kai, as did the look in Tyson’s eyes whenever he looked at Kai.

            He couldn’t believe he could lie here like this and do this.  After all this time, wanting, needing, but resisting and holding back from the temptation because he was afraid.  Kai gave a small huff of humourless laughter at himself.  What a laugh riot!  Hiwatari Kai afraid.  It was true though.  He’d been afraid of this youth.  He’d done everything he thought he had to in order to be like Tyson, and yet…when he finally figured out he couldn’t be like him, he’d hurt Tyson badly by betraying him yet again.  He’d left for a rival team, and he’d refused to come back when it was all said and done.  Kai still didn’t feel that he deserved the forgiveness Tyson had for him, even now.  In Kai’s mind…he would spend the rest of his life making up for all the hurt and sadness he’d put Tyson through.  He’d started earlier that night by giving the bluenette the one thing he had left to give – himself.

Bathed in blue, the walls of my memory divide the thorns from the roses
It’s you and the roses

            If he was even the least bit poetic or sentimental, he’d have called it magical.  He didn’t believe in magic, though, so he simply thought of it as the best possible emotions (the sex was rather fantastic, too) he could have ever felt, as there was such overwhelming love in everything Tyson had done to him that night.  The sensation of Tyson’s fingers seeking and finding every possible pleasure point on his body, the almost hesitant way Tyson stroked and teased and generally made Kai insane with pleasure was something he would never, ever forget.  Kai stretched a little at the memory, making a contented purring sound even though there were aches and a soreness that spoke volumes about their activities.  Not that Kai minded.  As much as he’d thoroughly enjoyed having Tyson’s hands and mouth devouring him in ecstasy, he’d enjoyed having his entire body wrapped around Tyson’s and the way they moved together in complete synchronicity.  It was as beautiful as their beybattles to Kai.

            Tyson’s love had healed something in Kai.  He had no problem admitting that anymore.  There had been so much conflict and strife in his life, and he had gone through most of it with a great deal of confusion.  But the one, shining, clear light in that swirl of chaos had been Tyson.  Always strong, always true, and always bright.  Kai had learned so much from him.  He sometimes wondered how he’d ever lived without Tyson there.

Touch me and I will follow in your afterglow
Heal me from all this sorrow

            The mattress stirred and Kai glanced at his lover, smiling at the pouty, sleepy expression on Tyson’s face as he opened his eyes and blinked owlishly in slight confusion before focusing on Kai.  Then he smiled brilliantly, and Kai felt his insides melting all over again.

            “Hi.”  He greeted, tucking his hand between his cheek and the pillow and staring into deep, sapphire blue eyes fondly.  “Did I wake you up?”

            “You think to hard.”  Tyson murmured in reply, reaching out to run his fingers through Kai’s hair affectionately.  “I could hear the gears grinding in my sleep.”

            Chuckling, Kai turned his head just a little and brushed his lips over Tyson’s palm.  “Like that would wake you up, Kinomiya.  You sleep like the dead.  Always have.”

            Tyson pouted cutely.  “Meanie.”  He drew Kai closer and pressed his mouth to the older man’s.  “Hmm…I wouldn’t mind waking up to you like this every time, though.”

            “Me neither.”  Kai admitted huskily, shivering as a leg slipped between his own and tangled with his as Tyson pushed him over onto his back and followed, settling over him comfortably.

 As I let you go I will find my way when I see your eyes
Now I’m living in your afterglow

            “What woke you up, love?”  Tyson inquired, playing with Kai’s hair.  “I really could hear the gears grinding.”

            Kai rolled his eyes.  “Nothing.  I just woke up and I was thinking.  Am I not allowed to think?”

            “Not when I have so little time with you.”  Tyson shook his head, his eyes growing sad.  “Do you have to go away?  Can’t you run things from here?”

            “Tyson…” Kai lowered his eyes regretfully.

            “No.  I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have brought it up.”  The bluenette apologized, nudging his nose against Kai’s in an Eskimo kiss.  “I just…can’t help wanting to keep you here with me and never letting go.”

            “I won’t be gone forever.  It’s only a routine inspection of the company’s operations in Europe.”  Kai tried to reassure him, though he was quite sympathetic.  He had no wish to leave either, not now when he’d finally gotten together with Tyson.  “I’ll be back in Japan in a month.”

            “Too long.”  Tyson knew he was pushing it, but he whined anyway.  “I just got you, after all this time, and you’re going away again?”

            “I know.”  Kai felt his chest tighten, and he raised his arms to curl around Tyson.  “But this time is different than the others, Tyson.  This time…I’m promising you I will be back.”

            “Kai…” Tyson crushed his mouth to Kai’s in a desperate kiss.  “I’m going to hold you to that.  If you don’t come back, I’m going to hunt you down.”  The threat was quite serious and Kai had to smile.

            “And I’ll hold you to that, because I’ll deserve it.”  He pulled the bluenette down again.  “Shut up and kiss me, Kinomiya.”

            With a lopsided grin, Tyson complied.

Here I am, lost in the ashes of time, but who wants tomorrow?
In between the longing to hold you again 

            There was a frantic tinge to their love-making this time.  Tyson’s hands wandered recklessly over every angle and curve of the strong, agile body of his lover, as if he was trying to memorize every little detail by touch.  Kai was little better, his fingers combing through the mane of blue-black hair and trailing up and down the bumps of Tyson’s spine feverishly.  Every breath of air that flowed through the open window caused the curtains to flutter, their movement making the shadows dance and swirl across the two figures on the bed.  Tyson kissed his way down Kai’s jaw and neck, setting his teeth to the wildly beating pulse he found there and nipping while his hand tweaked the stiffened nub of a nipple.  Kai gasped and arched into the sensation, clutching at Tyson’s shoulders and silently begging for more.  All they both wanted was to forget that in the morning Kai was leaving for Europe on business for an entire month.  It was working.  Tyson was beginning to get lost in the reactions he was getting from Kai with even the slightest of touches, the moans and gasps and eager movements of his body.  Kai was already caught up in the maelstrom of bliss, urging Tyson on.

            He opened his eyes briefly when he felt Tyson shift against him and slide back up after making it only half-way down his torso.  “Huhn…Ty?”  His breath caught at the fierce glint in his lover’s stormy eyes.  He was like a shadow hovering over Kai in the dark, yet he was brighter than any star.  So beautiful…

            Tyson gently but firmly raised Kai’s arms up above Kai’s head and pinned them there with one hand.  “Keep those there, Kai.”  He ordered.  Feeling compliant and curious, Kai nodded, sucking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly. 

I’m caught in your shadow, I’m losing control
My mind drifts away, we only have today

            Tyson returned to kissing his way down Kai’s front, worshiping the man under him in a way he had wanted to for so long but had never had the courage or the opportunity to do so.  He was doing his best to tell Kai how much he loved him without words, since he knew how hard it was for the older man to voice his emotions it was only fair that Tyson do the same – well, for this particular moment, anyway.  For now, he let his body do the talking for him.

Touch me and I will follow in your afterglow
Heal me from all this sorrow

            His hands coaxed Kai’s thighs farther apart to make room for himself as he slid downward.  Kai crooned lowly as the bluenette’s mouth drew luscious patterns over his sensitive flesh, gaining ever-closer to the centre of his pleasure.  Tyson’s hands traced the same path his mouth took, succeeding in slowly, sensually driving Kai higher and higher to that blissful peak.  As the younger man carefully prepared Kai for the final stage of their lovemaking, Kai couldn’t help but shudder in helpless love and desire for Tyson.  He had given himself to Dragoon’s chosen tonight because of that love, because of the trust and faith that went both ways between them.

As I let you go I will find my way
I will sacrifice ’til the blinding day when I see your eyes

            After all the times he had walked away from the very best in his life, from the friendship, the affection and companionship that Tyson never ceased to offer him, he’d felt so guilty and ungrateful.  And he had relied much too much on forgiveness and a readiness to accept him back every time he would return.  There had been too many sacrifices made, too many times that he had thought what he was doing was what he truly had wanted, only to discover a great deal of dissatisfaction whenever he did reach his goal.

            The last time he’d left, he had talked himself into not expecting any such forgiveness if he should ever run into Tyson again, and truthfully, he hadn’t expected to ever see Tyson again anyway.  He should have known, when his son, Gou, had taken up blading that it was inevitable.

            Now here he was (Gou and Tyson’s son, Makoto, staying with Max for the night), in the arms and bed of the three-time World Champion, his love finally confessed and better yet – returned.  Overwhelmingly returned.  Kai had finally come home, and he never again would he leave.

Now I’m living in your afterglow

            Kai was brought back to the moment as Tyson pinched his hip.  He yelped and glared down at his lover, a slight pout to his expression.  “What was that for?”

            “You went off somewhere.  I’d much rather you were paying attention to me, lover.”  Tyson raised an eyebrow with a lecherous little smirk.

            The flush that painted Kai’s ivory skin was answer enough.  “Sorry.”  He muttered, reaching down to slip his fingers through Tyson’s hair.  When Tyson just kept staring at him – and those gorgeous blue eyes began to glaze over somewhat – Kai fought the urge to squirm, and grumbled with some embarrassment, “You’re drooling, Kinomiya.  As you were…”

            Tyson blinked and gave him a sultry smile.  “You’re gorgeous you know.”  He turned his head to the side and placed a rough kiss to Kai’s inner thigh.  “And sexy.”  He made a string of small, rough kisses back toward Kai’s burgeoning erection.  “And mine.”

            “Ahh…oh god!”

When the veils are gone as I let you go, as I let you go

            Yes…giving himself to Tyson this way was the perfect way of expressing how much he loved Tyson and all the other emotions that he still had difficulty giving voice to.  When he was like this, all his walls came crumbling down, the carefully built masks cracked and peeled away until there was nothing left but Kai, open and raw.  It was the only time he could fully let go and just be, and he knew that Tyson appreciated it as much as Kai himself did.  It was the only time he fully allowed himself to feel, unrestricted and unrestrained.  He would be and do anything for Kinomiya Tyson, if only they could stay like this forever.

Touch me and I will follow in your afterglow
Heal me from all this sorrow

            Sometimes he wished it hadn’t taken him this many years to figure it out, and he regretted the lost time that he could have been spending with Tyson.  But then again…things happened for a reason, and there were aspects of that lost time that he wouldn’t trade away.  Like his son.  Like all the life-lessons he’d learned.

            “Tyson…god, please…”  He moaned, his hands twisting in the pillow under his head as the bluenette filled him completely.  There had never, ever been anything like this in his life.  It was sex, but it was so much more than that.  His spine curved in a perfect arch when his head pressed back into the pillow with the swirl of ecstasy running through every nerve and seeming to seep out of his very pores.

            The bluenette moaned something under his breath and slowly began to move, his hips undulating against Kai in a slow dance of seductive lust.  Kai let out an answering cry and surrendered himself to the movements.  He had thought to never sacrifice anything else that might have gotten between Tyson and himself, but this…this sacrifice he was perfectly happy to make.  Every thrust and retreat, caress and kiss was turning Kai into a sensual sacrifice to Tyson’s love.

As I let you go I will find my way, I will sacrifice
Now I’m living in your afterglow

            They came together in blissful counterpoint, one seconds after the other.  Kai was sure he was going to die – the most beautiful, erotic, ecstatic death possible, and he’d die quite willingly in Tyson’s arms.  Panting harshly for air, Kai reached for his lover, whimpering softly as Tyson pulled away briefly then returned to engulf Kai in a rough embrace.  Emotions raw, Kai didn’t hesitate to cling to the younger man, burying his face in Tyson’s neck while the bluenette stroked and rubbed his back and shoulders soothingly.  The crimson-eyed man didn’t need to say anything for Tyson to know what he was feeling, and that he needed the comfort of Tyson’s touch and the sweet words he murmured in his ear (nonsensical but the intention behind them wasn’t to make sense, it was to calm).

            Once he caught his breath again, he pulled Tyson’s head down toward his own, seeking his lips and kissing him languidly but deeply in grateful appreciation.  “I love you.”  He whispered against Tyson’s mouth, sighing in contentment as he was snuggled by the bluenette like a an oversized teddy-bear.  Under other circumstances, he may have complained about it, but right now…he was perfectly happy that way.

            “God.  I have wanted you to say that for so long now, it’s so surreal to hear it.”  Tyson smiled, tiredly and rubbed his cheek against Kai’s hair, pressing a kiss to his temple.  “I love you so much, Kai.”

            Kai smiled softly and cuddled closer, his eyes closing in satiated weariness.  Thinking about the upcoming business trip, he spoke up again just as Tyson was drifting off.

            “I think I’ll cut my trip short.  I never did like Europe that much.”

            Snickering – but extremely pleased – Tyson groped for the bed covers and drew them up over their nude, damp bodies.  “We’ll be waiting here for you.”  He said huskily, running a hand up and down Kai’s arm.


            “Makoto and I.  Your family.”  Tyson clarified, amused.  “And of course Max, Kenny, and Hilary.  Your friends are here, and so is your family.”

            Kai smiled again, warmth filling his whole being.  Just like that, he had a family.  So he said the only thing he could, while the pale moonlight wrapped them up in their love and sleepy satisfaction.

            “Thank you.” 

Bathed in blue, the walls of my memory divides the thorns from the roses
It’s you who is closest…


Ai da.

It’s Love.


Chaos Notes:  Happy Valentine’s Day, TyKa fans!  May we all find a love like Tyson and Kai’s.

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