Hello!  Welcome to Kali’s page for Beyblade Fanfiction!  ^_^  This is by far my most prolific section to date – no suprise, really, as this fandom is where I got started writing fanfiction.  Let’s get the legal issues and warnings out of the way to start, shall we?

*BLANKET DISCLAIMER: Kali & muses do not own Beyblade, its characters, its images, etc.  We just borrow them for the sake of our enjoyment as fans and admirers of the series and use them shamelessly for the fanfiction contained herein.  We also make no profit – unless you count joy and fangirling all over it as ‘profit.’

*WARNINGS: The fanfiction posted here will likely contain many adult themes and situations, ranging from language to graphic sexual content to violence.  Each fic will contain its own warnings specific to that fic, also, but consider this a general reminder that this kind of thing is likely to appear and if any of this is offensive to you or if you are underage, please refrain from reading – or do so at your own riskI take no responsibility for the actions of others when you’ve been duly warned!

*ABOUT BETA-ING:  Most, if not all, the fics listed have not been beta-ed.  When I first wrote them and posted them on fanfiction sites, I did not have anyone to beta things for me.  It is highly likely that you (and I) will find typoes and whatnot, so please try to ignore them.  So unless credit for a beta is given at the beginning of a fic, assume it is not beta-ed, please!

So!  On to the fics!  Happy reading!  And please feel free to leave your comments, questions, reviews, critiques, whatever you like!  ^_^  FYI – spam, flames, and offensive commentary will not be allowed so please try to exert some maturity and control.


The Fics:

Scattered Glimpses: {TyKa – Drabble fic – WIP} Written for the KaiTaka 100 Themes Art Challenge on deviantArt.  Their love is epic, but their story needn’t be… Here is a century of scattered glimpses into the love between Kinomiya Tyson and Hiwatari Kai.

Between The Lines:  {TyKa – Complete}  Kai and Tyson’s relationship has always been there for anyone to see…or so it seems. But what if one could read between the lines? What more would one find?

Sketches of the Past:  {TyKa – AU – One-shot prequel to Once A Thief}  This is the story of the past, where two teens will find love.  The question remains whether they will be allowed the opportunity to keep it…

Once A Thief:  {TyKa – AU – Complete}  A thief is being chased by the law in more ways than one. But this thief and the one chasing him have…history. And that will affect the outcome of the chase…perhaps in a way neither would have expected.

Written In The Stars:  {TyKa – One-shot – Birthday gift to Jen}  An anniversary alone is not how Kai wanted it to be…and neither does Tyson.

Afterglow:  {TyKa – One-shot – Songfic – Valentine’s 2007} Just a bit of fluff and love for the fans. Kai reflects on his love and the moments that make his life worth living. And Tyson helps to make some more…

The Moment: {TyKa – One-shot – Complete} Ask any couple: when was the Moment in their lives? That epiphany of emotion that made them a couple in the first place? Maybe for some, it isn’t one moment, but all of them…

Reasons of the Heart: {TyKa – One-shot – Valentine’s 2006} University.  Sometimes one gets too involved in it – to the point that they forget the other important people and things in their lives. So what better day than February 14th for Kai to remember his greatest love…

Temptation: {TyKa – Valentine’s 2005 – Complete}  Temptation. The word means different things to different people. And Kai has had his share of temptations. But none so great as his growing love for one person – his greatest rival.

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