State of the Chaos, 2014: long time no post…

Hey all!  I hope life’s been good while I’ve been out of touch!  So sorry for the lack of news.  @_@  Moving, being sick, moving again, now employed… life happened.  LOL  Not to worry, though!  Kali has been diligently writing away the entire time.  So I figure it’s time for a State of the Chaos address.

Firstly, the realm has been updated with new images, new fic category pages, and some new WIP information.  You may have noticed this, since it happened several months ago.  XD  I still can’t give any hints as to when any new fic content will be posted, but at least you have some ideas of what sort of things I’ve been getting up to.

Secondly, you may have also noticed that the fandoms have widely expanded and multiplied like…bunnies.  Which is entirely too close to ‘plot bunnies’ for my comfort, but I suppose that’s what happens when muses get involved.  Well, for other writers, maybe…  >_<  Kali gets plot mallets, whapped over her head.  Other writers get fluffy, cute bunnies.

Thirdly, but never lastly, Kali is looking for a beta.  Still and again.  *sigh*  Qualifications are as follows: a solid and accurate understanding of the English language – including, but not limited to, knowledge and use of correct grammar and spelling (though this isn’t the most important qualification or what I’m really worried about, I’d still prefer someone who is fluent and educated, ’cause I’m still capable of typoes); someone who is willing to read outside their own personal fandoms – I am not looking for a beta to give me critiques on whether a character is OOC, or on plot direction, or lack of canon whatever; and an understanding of the structure of fiction/literature, but also understanding this is FANFICTION and not anything that will ever be formally published.  The job of my beta, what I’m looking for here, is someone to check for things like plot holes, obviously missing content (I’ve done it before, usually when I’m typing something up from a pen/paper written update, I might miss a word or sentence or – yes – paragraph), and continuity errors.  I’m usually pretty good about it on my own, but as I said, it’s been known to happen and a second set of eyes never hurts.  I’m not saying I won’t listen to any tips or advice that might come from you, chosen beta, outside of all this, but of course it’s my fic and I get final say as to whether I take that advice or apply those tips, so I am quite serious when I say you had better be able to take rejection on that front well.

Anyway, all that aside, the only other thing concerning the Realm is…wow, look!  9,000 + site hits!  O_o  I have no idea who all has been here but thanks for visiting!  I hope you found something interesting to read, and I hope you’ll return!


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