Like the title says, Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a safe and fun (or at least was content with whatever you did) one.

So it’s 2011 and I’m wondering where the heck did 2010 go?  This time last year Kali was freaking out over the fact that I was four months away from (OMG I really am?!) going to Greece for nearly an entire month – a trip I was certain was never to happen ever again in my life, let alone this specific trip.  Went for a week when I was 13 years old, and always wanted to go back because, let’s face it, a week is not NEARLY long enough for even one freaking museum in Athens let alone anywhere else in the country.  @_@

Anyway, I have a lot of good intentions about fics, writing, posting, etc.  I won’t sit here and make any sort of resolutions though because I’ve learned that I just don’t meet them.  Ever.  Putting time limits on myself doesn’t work.  I have to have someone else cracking the whip over me to do it (and I mean physically here, saying, “hey, did you type that chapter and post like you said?” and not sending me emails or PMs right left and centre saying the same – as those tend to p’o Kali rather than motivate).  These days, I just seem to lack the inspiration and motivation to put out, as it were, mostly because I don’t know anyone in any of my fandoms except Beyblade and, well, let’s face it, folks: that fandom’s a ghost.  No matter how much I’m still in lust and still wanting to put out for it, the fan-love is just not there anymore.  So sad how fandoms just keel over dead like that.  When I knew people who were encouraging me and truly seeming to get some enjoyment out of my efforts, I seemed to crank things out at a ridiculous pace (which may not have meant quality, looking back on things now, but it’s hard to know where that was affecting my writing and where the natural improvements in my skill was affecting it).

Huh.  I didn’t intend this to become a reflective, whine-fest so I’ll just stop there and move along…

I will say that I am still writing.  I am still intending to post what I write.  I intend to continue to expand my horizons to new series, both anime/manga and TV.  At the moment, I’m still joy-gasming over Get Backers (one of those new horizons I’ve got vague, star-speckled ideas the muses are throwing at me), and I’m still totally in love with Stargate (not a surprise), and I sort of have this odd inclination to write something YGO (don’t have a freakin’ clue why or where that came from).  Also…Slayers.  Xellos has been his usual Mazoku trickster-priest self and been poking at my brain with his staff and dropping plot mallets here and there.

Short term: I’m planning a mini-Chaos Wave sometime in the next week or so, so there will be at least two fics updated (likely Veritas and Infinitas), and I plan on putting up at least a couple more of my Beyblade fics, which will be a lengthy process because I plan on re-reading and fixing all the stuff I’ve apparently been missing all this time beta-ing things myself.  Kali really needs to stop doing that.

I leave you with all the well-wishes I (& the muses) could possibly send out to everyone for this new year.

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