You have entered the Chaos Realm!  Navigate the Chaos if you dare and you will find a selection of Kali’s archived fanfiction.

But beware!  This site contains gratuitous amounts of adult content including language, violence, graphic sexual acts, etc. Labels and warnings are provided on each series and main story page. Please be mature and heed the warnings or your expression may freeze like this poor kitty’s did!

Because Sanzo would definitely smack Kali for not doing so, here’s the blanket disclaimer for the site:

Kali and muses do not own any of the series, characters, or images used on this site unless otherwise stated.  They were borrowed simply for the personal enjoyment of Kali and the fans who come here to read her work.  No profit is made.

So step through the wormhole and enjoy a good read!
Thanks for visiting and do come again!

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